Sooo…I was thinking. As much as the Kingdom Hearts fanbase loves Vanitas, he really only gets—let’s say about a half hour of screen time. That’s not right. So I came up with this crazy idea for Vanitas to be the protagonist of his own game. I got off my butt, did some art and even went so far as to come up with a concept:

Kingdom Hearts: Link Two Forgotten

Takes place: After KH:3D, before KHIII

The Synopsis:

 Sora, Riku, Mickey, Lea and the others find the ‘True Kingdom Hearts.’ There, all of the hearts that have been connected to Sora’s are released and then given their own specific completion. Meaning Roxas is given his own heart and body and Xion finally exists as a person and is no longer a metaphysical puppet. But incomplete and forgotten, Vanitas remains within the theoretical “prison” of Sora’s heart, locked in a state of dormancy. Until the light of Kingdom Hearts forces him awake…and boy’s voice tells him to “Open the door.”

Alone in his prison, all Vanitas can remember are negative emotions: 

The hatred he felt for Master Xehanort, when he treated him like he was expendable…

The anguish he felt when his negativity took shape as the Unversed and were constantly defeated, left to flow back into him while Master Xehanort merely stood by and watched…

The disappointment he felt when he failed to fulfill what he was told was his only purpose, and the X-blade shattered in front of him…

The undisplayed sadness and self-pity when Ventus reminded him just how alone he really was…

He didn’t remember the events themselves, nor how he ended up inside someone else’s heart. All he could recall were the feelings he felt.

He awakes in Sora’s Station of Awakening, and his first task is to find his way out of it. At the end of the Awakening, just after the Keyblade Tredecim, appears in his hand, Vanitas fights off the masked version of himself.

When he defeats the illusion, he wakes up in the ruins of a defunct dominion called “Dark Beauty Castle.” All around are creatures he has never seen before, but they seem vaguely familiar (Heartless). He uses his Keyblade to clear a path and leaves out of the castle to discover he is in a Forgotten World called “Wasteland” (from Epic Mickey).

Forgotten Worlds are the worlds that Sora and the others overlooked because they were so steeped in darkness that they were too dangerous or difficult to travel to. Unlike normal worlds, or ‘Sleeping’ Worlds, the inhabitants of ‘Forgotten’ Worlds can’t be remembered outside of that world unless the Keyhole of that world has been unlocked.

While exploring Wasteland, Vanitas meets Maximilian Goof. Max is determined to leave the Wasteland so that he can get back to his father, Goofy. (The reason Max was never mentioned by Goofy or featured in any of the prior games is because he was stuck in a Forgotten World and nobody, including his own father, could remember that he existed. Similar to how no one remembered Sora while he was asleep in C.O., or Xion during the end of “Days.”)

After finding and repairing the pieces of a broken ‘Cornerstone of Light’ tucked away within the castle, Vanitas and Max set out to leave, but they are attacked by the ‘Mad Doctor and Beetleworx Heartless.’ They defeat them, but then the ‘Shadow Blot' (from Epic Mickey) appears and sends out a giant Heartless to stop them from leaving. The Heartless he sends is an ink-blot version of Darkside from KH1. Just as it seems they're about to be defeated, the king of Wasteland, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, appears and offers his help. After defeating Darkside, the Shadow Blot retreats and Vanitas unlocks the Forgotten World’s keyhole. Just as they’re leaving, King Oswald tells them that the Queen of Wasteland, Ortensia, is nowhere to be found and that she might be lost in another world, waiting for him to rescue her.

They leave through the Cornerstone after forming an alliance. Max searches for his father, Oswald reluctantly seeks out his brother Mickey while searching for Ortensia, and Vanitas still doesn’t quite remember who he is…

Throughout the game, Vanitas follows his heart to many worlds that have all been forgotten. He goes about, forming “E-Links” with various characters. “E-Links,” or Emotional Links, are connections that instill Vanitas with different abilities based off Positive Emotions (similar to how D-Links function in “Birth by Sleep”). Every time an E-Link is formed, a memory recovers with it. The more E-Links Vanitas forms, the more “complete” he begins to feel. While working towards unlocking the Forgotten Worlds, Vanitas recovers memories of the events that led to his demise at Ven’s hands. Some of the memories that he recovers belong to Xion, Roxas and Sora. As he starts to learn more about the boy whose heart he was trapped inside and the people connected to him, he begins to change his outlook.

There are 13 E-Links in all, and 13 positive things for Vanitas to experience. Among them are Happiness, Friendship, Courage, Love, Faith, Ambition, Certainty, Honor, Selflessness, Self-Acceptance and Remorse.

By the end of the game, Max finds Goofy, and Oswald rescues Ortensia from Mortimer Mouse (basically this game’s version of Pete) and he overcomes his jealousy toward his successful brother. Mickey promises to save Wasteland from the Shadow Blot. But Vanitas is still missing two E-Links.

The final two links need to be made with both Sora and Ventus. Those E-Links are Redemption and Forgiveness. He sets out to Destiny Islands to form them. The game (possibly) ends after they accept Vanitas and become a team. Hence the name “Link (the) ‘Two’ Forgotten.”

I haven’t really given any thought to what extra worlds I would put in it, but since it’s never going to be a real game that’s brain power I could be using elsewhere lol. Maybe I’ll finish drawing Max and Ozzy later just for giggles.