• Happy Birthday Babo !!

So yeah, here I am, late as usual, but I’m always late at everything anyway, even when it came to liking you. (Do I even make sense ??!) During Ta-Dah I didn’t really pay attention to you because a cheetos was stuck in my eyes.. Then it was a certain commander. But I still thought that you were cute, yelling like an idiot alone on the roof. But then during the Power era everything changed and I don’t even know why, maybe because I started shipping DaeJae at that time ? (Am I THAT lame ??!) Even if it’s the reason, you started growing on me and then I just knew it was you. I found myself looking forward your teaser pictures, your parts in MVs or appearances in other videos more than for the others. I always smiled more and I eventually asked myself why I didn’t feel like that at the beginning. I guess I was just blinded by the whole group and tried to focus on knowing these aliens instead of having a bias. (I wasn’t THAT fond of the cheetos and the commander.) Anyway I re-watched Ta-Dah and I fell in love some more with your fluffy polite being. I won’t start writing how much you’re amazing for following your dreams and working as hard as you do, because I’m bad at it. You’re just an amazing person with a such big big heart, caring for the fans with the beautiful smile of yours, even when some were giving you a hard time because of stupid reasons. You sure have an amazing voice, but more important, you’re just being yourself, even if it means laughing like an idiot and jumping around while stomping on the floor. I just love seeing that because oddly it just makes me happy to see you happy too. Never change and never forget that you have tons of fans loving you around the world ! Happy Birthday Youngjae ♥