Does that picture entice you as much as it entices us? Well, Vancouver Foodster is back with a new food challenge and this time, it’s mac and cheese! Foodies have until April 10th to try the creations at participating restaurants throughout the city, and then vote for their favourite for People’s Choice.

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Meatless Movember: Day 30


Wow! What a month it has been.

Meatless Movember is coming to a close, and we want to thank everyone for coming to our site to see what we got cookin’.  

This 30 day challenge has been quite the learning experience, and we salute all of the Vegetarians and Vegans out there — living this way is a total lifestyle, and forces you to be much more aware of what you’re eating and where it’s coming from. For that alone we’re really happy about the outcome.

There are some quality Vegetarian establishments, but it felt like whenever we wanted to go out for a quick breakfast or lunch, there was not a lot available. Maybe we weren’t looking in the right places, but it was shocking to us how little non-meat options some places had.  


Those of you who read our posts probably know we don’t venture out to the westside of the city very often, but since we’ve been cooking almost everyday at home we figured we’d treat ourselves to a hearty Veggie Burger from Luke Corner Bar & Kitchen, located on the corner of Granville and 14th.

They are one of many restaurants around the city taking part in The Best Burger Challenge, created by Richard Wolak, aka VanFoodster. 


We attempted a Homemade Zuchinni Mushroom Burger a little while back that was pretty good, so we were curious to see what Luke’s had up their sleeve. 

They were the only restaurant in the entire challenge to offer a Vegetarian option, so we obviously had to check this baby out.


We arrived around 5:30, after trucking through pretty heavy traffic. We were greeted at the door by a friendly face, and told we could sit anywhere we liked as it wasn’t too busy.

We tried our best to get some decent photos, but it was pretty dimly lit and we’re still figuring out our DSLR. Truth.


Look, it’s Adrian on Twitter as usual!… Haha :)


We decided to try one of their Beer Flights, with Steamworks Pilsner, R&B Brewing Cream Ale and Stanley Park 1897 Amber Ale. Hit the spot!


Believe it or not, we actually lost weight this month from not eating meat — something we weren’t planning or trying to do at all.

We’ve lost about 13lb. combined, so we wanted to treat ourselves to a delicious burger — and boy did Luke’s deliver on that one. 



Now for the main course, Luke’s Veggie burger with P&P — we’re talkin’ Pickles and Peppers inside the burger — served with house made yam fries. On the side was a spicy chipotle mayo dip that we really loved.

This was seriously the best Veggie burger we’ve ever tasted. Upon first bite, its texture is just so perfect you’ll swear it’s meat — but we were assured it was indeed vegetarian! Seriously yummy, and totally worth the trip across town.

Thanks to Chef Magan Martin for this beautiful creation that we sure hope is added to their regular menu. Get your votes in for Vancouver’s Best Burger, on now ‘till December 3 at the VanFoodster website

We think you know who we’re voting for!

XX - The Food Gays

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(at Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria)

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