"I’m going Anywhere"

I so much enjoyed going to Cruquius last Sunday! They even turned it on! omigosh! *enthusiasm*

Model/styling/edits: Lilith Vanderstorme
Photography: Richard Verdegaal

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Another thing for steam-girls to share^^

Heya long time no news!
Here’s something to make that up.

Thank you very much for allowing me to use your photo Richard!

” Whoever said that I was evil “

An emotional look on the face, the hand on the heart. Emotions drive us to do things that are not always so socially accepted.
This demon of light only protects her spawn.

Model/design/makeup: Lilith Vanderstorme
Retouch/manipulation: Darkashter
Original Photo: Richard Verdegaal Fotografie

Outift worn at Castlefest day 3

Software: PS CS 6
Hardware: Pretty shitty computer&Wacom bamboo
Est. Time: 5 Hrs
(It could’ve been a lot better if i’d spent more time, but i used multiple tutorialparts for this, so it was more for the practice)

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people

imagineagreatadventure tagged me this time and bukiyou tagged me in something similar like 5 months ago but who’s counting?.

Love Theme from ‘The Robe’ (Nujabes / Feather) - Alys
Revolution - Asheru
I Do Ft. Nice And Smooth - Mims
Ac196 - Xmas Eve - King Philharmonic Orchestra
Bust (Feat. Killer Mike) - OutKast
Ignorance (Acoustic) - Paramore
Give Us The Rope - The Protomen
I Am Somebody - Jurassic 5
My Favorite Things - Andre 3000
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis

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I’m on a giant steampunk cliché!

Photographer: Dick Carlier
Model/styling: Lilith Vanderstorme

Vanderstorme Modeling&Designing
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vanderstorm said:

So I got seasons 1&2 of happy endings at target for 10 bucks each but I couldn't find season 3. When I looked online for it, the goddamn DVD is priced at 45 fucking dollars. Seriously wtf.

RIGHT. What the fuck is that! I have the same issue, I got one and two for less than $20 and three is still so expensive. It’s been cancelled for over a year so I thought it would have come down by now. I need to own it, lol.

Oh yeah, now, some attention for my dear crew! 
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Photographer: Chau Kar Man from Photorific
Models: Lilith, Rhoswen, Layla, James, Tesseliene fromThe Storme Witness

Throwback Thursday whoohooo!! Didn’t miss out on it this time.
Here’s a picture Of me, a bit more than one year ago!!(never posted before, found this last week)

Model: Lilith Vanderstorme
Photographer: Marc Verdiesen — met Lilith Vanderstorme.

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Taking you back to April this year!
Can’t believe i haven’t posted this pic yet, but here you go!

Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens 2014 

Photographer: E Van Dijk || Yggdrasilphotography
Model: Lilith Vanderstorme
Retouch: Darkashter
Costume(skirt, corset, horns, acessoires and shirt All made by me, Lilith Vanderstorme

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