I Scream for Ice Cream: VanCAF Preview

I’m here with another VanCAF print teaser as promised! Now we can all scream for ice cream as Part II to the Party Crasher Print is previewed.

Come find these signed, LIMITED EDITION prints at VanCAF 2015! (Picture of actual print coming soon!)

As a child the ice cream truck certainly held a special place in my heart. It would signal the end of a treacherous school day or a reminder that I haven’t eaten yet (I may have thrown my chicken sandwich into the garbage. Shh, don’t tell anybody). I would beg my mom incessantly for the TMNT popsicle.. actually any popsicle that had those gumball eyes. Sigh Alright, looking back they are really creepy. But as a kid who cares if it was the stuff from nightmares!? It was both popsicle and gum candy; two birds with one stone! Hoorah for the little things in life!