Port Metro Vancouver chemical fire involves multiple containers

Heavy smoke is billowing from a three-alarm chemical fire involving multiple containers at Port Metro Vancouver.  

Vancouver Coastal Health said trichloroisocyanuric acid, which can be used as an industrial disinfectant, is burning at the terminal.

John Parker-Jervis, a spokesman for Port Metro Vancouver, said the terminal has been shut down and employees have been sent home.
The City of Vancouver tweeted that people in the area should stay inside and close their windows.

Police are assisting with traffic control in the area and TransLink service on the West Coast Express may be delayed or cancelled.

Firefighters said CP Rail has been advised to shut down a nearby the rail line.

A witness to the fire, Barry Duncan, tweeted that the heavy smoke showed no signs of stopping.


Viet Vu’s TEDx Talk, “Bi the Way, We Exist,” on Bisexuality, Coming Out, and Equaldex

Viet Vu, Equaldex moderator and Economics major at University of British Columbia, delivered a TEDx Talk speaking about the complexities of coming out as bisexual, LGBTQ+ rights, and his involvement with Equaldex.

Before becoming a moderator on Equaldex, Viet was a top contributor to the site, even before it was launched to the public.

"In this TEDx talk, Viet speaks about the complexities of coming out as bisexual and the positive and negative reactions that he received from his family and friends. While focusing on a group that is rarely talked about in LGBTQ+ rights, Viet explains how anyone can have a tangible impact on someone’s life by choosing to care.

Viet is a fourth-year Economics student at the Vancouver School of Economics. He’s also a researcher at Equaldex, a database that maps the status of LGBTQ+ rights worldwide.”