Interview with Van Saro

Interview with Van Saro

You know a Van Saro piece when you see one. Combining traditional elements of graffiti with photo-realism and traditional portraiture, his pieces comprise a totally original aesthetic, while also telling a story about Los Angeles and the world. Were so excited that Van Saro will be painting live at Taco Madness 2014!

Favorite taco spot and favorite taco?

Peñas Tacos y Marisco — the asada is my…

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The DDD presents: Artists to Know: Van Saro by Andrew Boyle

Based in North Hollywood, LA, Van Saro is creating a compelling fusion of graffiti and fine art. The more uneducated out there like to consider it vandalism, so when it hits a canvas, as seen in his stunning oil on canvas work, does it become more valuable as a statement? Whether made by a spray can, brush, on canvas or brick, Van Saro creates a saturated explosion of line work, character and outline. It’s his oil paintings however that expose a beautiful and decisive statement.

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The Great Dictator speech with the art work of Van Saro