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Another picture of the two main characters of my new series. Info coming soon! Just doing some research/practice for the story.

Vampire facts that are often forgotten or over looked (which is okay, but it bugs me cause I'm kind of a stuck up vampire fanatic.)
  1. Dracula CAN in fact go out in sunlight. It is stated in Bram Stoker’s novel that he can move in day light, though his powers are incredibly weakened. High level vampires (having to be around the same power level as Dracula, can move in sunlight.) 
  2. Powerful vampires such as Dracula, Carmilla, Elizabeth Bathory can turn non-virgin humans of any gender into vampires without fear of turning them into gouls if they want.
  3. Vampires are only repelled by garlic because they are blood suckers. Besides irritation, it won’t kill them. It could choke them should they accidentally eat it or get it shoved in their mouths though. Its more of an allergy. 
  4. Vampires CAN cross moving water but only under certain circumstances: They are in their coffins and are being carried across either by car, plane, or boat. However, if they are of a weaker level (or a fledgling) this will be a terribly draining and unpleasant experience. 
  5. Dracula can survive being staked through the heart. 
  6. When a vampire (usually powerful or old ones) are killed their domain (house, mansion, castle etc) will crumble and decay. 
  7. Vampires can sense mental illnesses as well as illnesses that affect the blood, and cannot feed upon ill humans (meaning people with aids or hiv are not safe to eat from.)
  8. Becoming a vampire is not a simple processes. If a human is bitten, they will NOT become a vampire. Vampires rarely drain bodies of all of the blood in once sitting (unless they’re desperate or assholes) rather feeding over a course of weeks or even months. If they drain the body BUT do NOT give their own blood to the victim the person will not turn into a vampire; they may however turn into a ghoul. 
  9. The process of dying and reanimating is a MASSIVE massive strain on the person turning. They awake with extreme blood lust and are usually confused. All of the senses are heightened ie. lights are to bright, noises WAY to loud, smells to sharp etc etc etc. It is very hard on the mind, and without a master vampire the person may very well go insane. Not good for vampire material (Dracula’s three brides, as well as Lucy Westernra are examples of this.) 
  10. People bitten but not fully turned into vampires or fledglings are no longer fully human. They may still eat or drink and go out in sunlight but they will age at an extremely slower rate and will, on occasion show vampiric tendencies ie. Mina Harker. 
  11. Fledgling vampires (or weak vampires in general) CANNOT eat food. Not even soups or broths. It will choke them. Powerful vampires (such as Dracula etc) can, but it is pointless and can be unpleasant. 
  12. VAMPIRES CANNOT DRINK ALCOHOL! Vampires do not have working hearts, and cannot push blood through their bodies, even if they’ve just fed, the alcohol will poison them. They will be rendered practically helpless unil they’ve expelled all of the alcohol out of their systems. Low level alcohol could probably be ingested by powerful vampires, but even to much of that could be an issue. 
  13. Vampires CAN reproduce with humans if they are well fed, and they do it just like humans (hur dur). 
  14. Though vampires have been shown to have actual pure vampire children, I’m not sure exactly how that works. Most vampires usually pick a human and adopt them as their own, turning them, or picking an actual blood relative and turning them. 
  15. Half vampire/humans are called Damphirs. They’re not as powerful as vampires, but are stronger than humans. They basically have the best or worst of both parents. They differ among themselves the way vampires differ among themselves. (They are affected by silver, crosses, garlic, etc etc just like vampires.) They can however go out in sunlight (some, not all.) But this is draining and harsh, and could potentially kill them if exposed for to long. They do cast a shadow/show a reflection unlike their vampiric parents, though it is blurry or weak in comparison to their human parents. 
  16. Most Damphirs go mad due to blood lust (no all.) 
  17. Humans bitten by a Damphir can be turned into a Damphir. 
  18. Like vampires, Damphirs can control living organisims that they have bitten.
  19. Damphirs vampiric nature can be brought on by being exposed or fed blood. 
  20. Like humans, vampires and damphirs by extension all have different talents and abilities. They must be taught these abilities and hone their talents just like humans. 
  21. Sexuality among vampires is not nearly as strict as it is with humans. Usually due to age, or the fact that most vampires can change gender or form at will, leading to a far more gender-fluid existence. They do however have preferences. Dracula, though not heterosexual does show more attraction to women than to men. Elizabeth Bathory though bisexual has a strong attraction to women due to her hatred for men. She did however have a relationship with Dracula; he broke things off because she was a bitch. (not even joking.) Carmilla is basically a lesbian. Not even basically, she’s a lesbian. 
  22. Vampires are ruled by a hierarchy. Royalty, Nobility, Fledglings, lower level and rogue vampires, ghouls. (ghouls are trash.)
  23. Though actually a bit rare, Vampires CAN fall in love with a human and NOT turn them, though it is a struggle, and usually something fucks it up. 

Anyway, sorry, there’s my rant. I’m not saying YOU have to be all strict about vampires like this, do what you want, I’m just saying these are things that bug me when ignored. -__- Which they are ignored A LOT. 

Editor’s note: So first of all, they should have blinged up the werewolf a bit, you know, because he’s a millionaire. He needs a diamond studded collar or something. The vampire biker is fine, I guess, though I don’t know, I guess he could do with a cape or badly photoshopped fangs. All we seem to be getting from the sexy alien is that he comes from planet disco ball, which is promising, but we could do with more.