The water deer (Hydropotes inermis), also known as the vampire deer, is a small deer superficially more similar to a musk deer than a true deer. Despite its lack of antlers and certain other anatomical anomalies—including a pair of prominent tusks (downward-pointing canine teeth), it is classified as a cervid. Its unique anatomical characteristics have caused it to be classified in its own genus (Hydropotes). Native to China and Korea, there are two subspecies: the Chinese water deer (Hydropotes inermis inermis) and the Korean water deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus).
Water deer are indigenous to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, coastal Jiangsu province (Yancheng Coastal Wetlands), and islands of Zhejiang of east-central China, and in Korea, where the demilitarized zone has provided a protected habitat for a large number. They inhabit the land alongside rivers, where they are protected from sight by the tall reeds and rushes. They are also seen on mountains, swamps, grasslands, and even open cultivated fields. Water deer are proficient swimmers, and can swim several miles to reach remote river islands.


More than 60 years after its last confirmed sighting, a deer with ‘vampire-like’ fangs has been seen in north east Afghanistan. The animal - known as a kashmir musk deer - was last spotted in 1948. Five sightings were recorded recently including spotting an adult male in three locations and a female with a fawn.

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Aka, a vampire deer. These look like freaks of nature and their fangs are actually retractable. These fangs usually shed and grow only half the size in adult hood and are used in battle royales with other males, usually when attempting to court the ladies.

I seriously doubt they would ever confront a predator like this, but they sure can feign a good fright!

Have you seen one of these before? No, its not a fictional creature from your favourite movie, Twilight. Tufted deer live in northeast Burma and southern and central China. Tufted deer live in forested regions at high altitudes, between about 300 and 4600 meters above sea level, and in rain forests in high-altitude valleys. Their habitat is always near water.

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