Carmilla AU - Hollstein Vamps.

Summary: In a world where vampires and humans started to get along well, Laura Hollis is a vampire member of the Council of Vampires, which keeps things in order ‘fights’ to all the vampires keep a good behavior. All the vampires need to feed only from animals and they can’t kill people or use their 'powers’ with normal humans only to get advantage on something. All of them follow the rules, afraid of the Council. Except one rebel vampire and Laura is the one who’ll put the trouble maker on her place or punish her. When she finds Carmilla, things run different from what she expected and she falls for the woman. Going deep on the relationship , Carmilla tells Laura the secrets of the council and unmask all the dirtiness behind it. She even tells her mother was a member of the high council and tried to expose the truth about them, but was murdered for it. Will the lovers put their lives in danger in name of unmasking The Council?

Buffwood Headcanons

Because when I truly love something, it’s only a matter of time before I attempt to cross it over with Torchwood:

  • Remember how Ianto told everyone his father was a master tailor but that turned out to be a blatant lie?  His father was a Watcher and fully expected Ianto to follow in his footsteps
  • Ianto started at the Watcher Academy in Wesley’s last year, when Wesley was Head Boy
  • Canonically (if these two universes were to co-exist) Ianto is the same age, or thereabouts, as Andrew Wells - therefore 1-2 years younger than the major Scoobies, 2-3 years older than Dawn
  • Like Giles, Ianto felt a deep disconnection from the Watcher life, but unlike Giles he never had an experience that pulled him back in - therefore, a permanent split that was never resolved
  • There aren’t many Welsh Watchers, so Ianto was probably teased a lot at the Academy
  • Professor Walsh’s military organisation is an offshoot of SHIELD I mean the American equivalent of UNIT
  • UNIT/Torchwood are very suspicious of the Watchers and there is a lot of territory marking and jurisdictional disputes
    • They’re mostly divided by “Domestic Affairs” (i.e. Demons and other Earthly threats) versus “External Affairs” (i.e. aliens)
    • There is a lot of debate as to whether or not Hell Dimensions are considered other worlds - therefore belong to External Affairs - or are part of Earth and therefore are domestic
  • At some point when Ianto is close to 18 (at which point Wesley would have just started with Angel Investigations) he tries to ask Wesley for guidance since Wes is the only person Ianto really knows who successfully broke away from the Council
    • He didn’t realise it wasn’t an intentional breaking off
    • He’s knows vaguely of Giles but not enough to turn to him for help
    • He’s massively disappointed when Wesley actually tries to convince him to stay the course

Watchers Archives.

Between the years of 1921 - 1929, a young Watcher named Archibald Lassiter traveled across Great Britain and colonies both former and current in an attempt to peaceably document vampires. Though he was heavily criticised, Lassiter maintained that his efforts were important to better understand the modern vampire and his methods. In time, his findings were indeed put to use in research, in the field, and by the Slayer herself.

“Subject: Smith and Jones. Sired: 1857 and 1902.

By far two of the most forthcoming subjects I’ve come across, the tales shared by Smith and his progeny, Jones, could fill a book in and of themselves. Suffice it to say, Smith is a proud and vain vampire, and yet I find his stories to be truthful. There is a boastful quality about his exploits, but there is a sorrow to the tales of war and violence which predates his siring in Mexico at the beginning of the so-called Reform War. After the loss of his soul, his stories take a darker turn, as he preyed upon the weak in the post-Civil War American south.

Jones is, in two words, an odd bird. At well over two meters, he’s one of the tallest vampires I’ve come across, yet also the friendliest. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in jovial good nature. For sure, he would drain me and any other who came across his path, but I’ve yet to meet another vampire who could make me feel so at ease in his presence. They are a formidable pair, to be sure, but between Smith’s tales of fighting for the American Union and participating in the Demon War of 1893, and Jones’s stories of growing up in Kansas at the turn of the century, I could listen to them boast from dusk til dawn every day.”

Carmilla: Young Blood

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by NinjaBunny101

Love has it’s sacrifices.
A Person comes to Carmilla and Laura saying the light is out looking for revenge and the only way to stop it’s rage is to turn Laura into a vampire. But will it be enough? and is there a new threat to Silas University.
Theme song: 8Dawn- This is why i was born
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Words: 3116, Chapters: 3/3, Language: English

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plot bunnies surprise!

1x1 where one of our characters is a librarian and has adventures with fictional characters from the novels she takes care of and the other character doesn’t believe in fictional characters coming to life, make believe and magic // another one where two roommates find themselves in a weird dorm/apartment that has a mind of its own and idk it can sort of be like the tardis from doctor who with its own passages ways and stuff // a mumu rp about a family of vampire from another country trying to survive in another country/climate after being kicked out from the vampire council back home or something // a 1x1 plot about a squib who discovers science from a muggle friend and the two try to make magic/technology work together idk science/magic friends!! // a mumu rp of a siblings/relatives finding a treasure chest in their backyard and trying to find the answer and it could like span their entire lives or something // a mumu rp set in a strange town like twin peaks // a mumu rp set on a damn spaceship a la the 100 (with an entire race on it OR human/aliens) OR a smaller spaceship a la whedon’s firefly (oh pleaseeee, someone do this with me!!)

Case File #266.

Filed: December 3, 1846.

The earliest mentions of Sir Francis Varney come to us from a mayor’s diary in 1330. It appears that Varney was still human at this time, yet by 1355, that is most certainly no longer the case. Time and time again, Francis Varney appears in the annals of England, joining his considerable fortune, avarice and strength with one faction or another, later turning his cloak and killing his once-allies. During the English Civil War, he changed sides no less than ten times, eventually coming out on the losing side of the royalists and was forced to flee to France for several decades.

Varney is by all accounts a most gracious and dapper individual, with centuries to perfect his mannerisms and hunting techniques, but has the most black of tempers which can turn at a moment’s notice. In December of 1799, Varney was invited to a feast by a demon named Markosh, where one hundred virgins were to be consumed to celebrate the turn of the century. When one of Markosh’s guests turned up his snout at the fact that a vampire – even one of Varney’s repute – had been invited to the gathering, the ancient knight’s good humour turned sour. After demanding an apology and having been refused, Varney slaughtered the entire party, demons and virgins all.

The Lords Bannerworth of Winchester have for many years been the primary victims and adversaries of Sir Francis. Though their fortunes have waned in the last two centuries, the Bannerworths remain a powerful family in the County of Hampshire, and are well known to the Watchers Council. Lord Henry, the current head of the family, has lectured at various Watchers conclaves and retreats, detailing the family’s vampire hunts and encounters with Varney, which comprise the bulk of our knowledge regarding this monster. George Bannerworth, a younger brother, fell in combat with Varney in 1844. Flora, Henry’s youngest sibling, has not been seen for over eight years, though he refuses to believe that she too has fallen victim to Varney’s depredations.

These tales may seem familiar to some younger or darker-minded Watchers, as they have been mysteriously detailed in the penny dreadful series known as “Varney the Vampire”, which has appeared semi-regularly over the past two years. The author of of these periodicals remains unknown, though the details (albeit highly inconsistent and embellished) are too succinct to be based on rumors alone. It is the Council’s opinion that these tales are written by Sir Francis Varney himself, as an insult to his longtime enemies the Bannerworths, or merely as an amusement in his advanced years.


In The Books of Binding, property of powerful preternaturals, including living property such as humans and therian, is Marked by symbols.  These Marks can be thousands of years old, and are granted by the Council of the Eldest, the self-appointed governing body of ancient vampires that rules over all preternaturals.

Humans of value and therian will wear Marks as tattoos hidden behind their right ears, using magical ink which only the Servants of the Eldest may create and use.

Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Carmilla (Web Series)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein, LaFontaine/Lola Perry, Laura Hollis/Danny Lawrence, Brody Kirsch/Danny Lawrence
Characters: Laura Hollis, Carmilla Karnstein, Lola Perry, LaFontaine (Carmilla Web Series), Danny Lawrence, Brody Kirsch, Vampire Council, Count Dracula

“There will come a time in your life when you lose something that matters to you. You’ll fight for it and you won’t win. But what really matters isn’t the war you’re waging, it’s that you don’t lose the person you are in the midst of the battle.” - J.Sterling

A story about The Vampire War and how it changed Laura and Carmilla and the rest of the crew forever.

Theme song: Donna Burke- Sins of the Father
I recommend listening to the theme song it ties with this story very well.

The Inquisitor is the representative sent to the city from the vampire council in Rome. He/she is the voice of the vampire council, advising the master on how the Grand Vampire Council would rule on an issue. They would have an extreme knowledge of politics and connections suited for any and every cause, a training position needed to be secured for several years at least before even being considered for such a role. 

This is a ranked position. This character must remain active and be present and accounted for in all major events.

Face: Gong Li

Name: Open Name

Contact: Starling

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The supernatural community has been exposed and the vampire and wolf council must both work together to make sure that the blood that has already been shed doesn’t lead to more bloodshed. Can all the species work together to find unity or will there always be an endless war between them?

In My Blood is a mature rated, no word count supernatural rp be set in the modern timeline. It offers various cities within the U.S to roleplay in while your character helps shape the site. 

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i dreamed i kill’d someone, i kill’d some irritating kid who looked like bonzo from ender’s game but i think i had a reason only i dont remember it. i killed him throwing him to the stairs with the head upside down so, immediate death. then as always i had a lot of trouble hiding my fault on it, only someone saw, a babysitter, she tried to blame me but she didn’t have any proof so she didn’t tell anyone i dont know why but she was desperate, i was member of some powerful family whose leader was identifcal to mark gatiss i think we were vampires but i wasn’t. he talked to my brother gizmo who had black hair and brown eyes, sort of cute, and he was like 30 years old with appearance of 13? and he’d agreed to take my fault, i think he was kinda depressed with life and wanted to end it, so his execution was death in hands of the vampire council who did something about the humans police. but there’s something, the bonzo kid woke up shortly after with red eyes like he was posessed. i had initiated some kind of apocalypse zombie. last thing i remember is being thrown at a giant hole with someone (not by bonzo) and it was like the place from maze runner but only in a hole and without the maze. we lived months there until someone called carson build a stair for us but it didn’t work. i have no idea then, the dreamt got crazy and ended up with everyone going to the water hole (the hole now was pure water and we needed to take like 10 seconds to get used to it and breath and see properly after we were on it) after we’ve escaped and some massacre inside the hole began. we fought we on. then we were in my house and ihni how tia keiko was posessed aswell so we had to do something about it. she started to come after us and the dream ended with me saying: “they’re like zombies, we must hit him with a knife in the head” even not having any proof of that i just assumed.