The first birthday party of Please Take One keeps on rocking!  Here is a pre-order bonus that came with Portrait of Ruin on the Nintendo DS.  A poster featuring the timeline of the Castlevania series.  How nice of the authors to simply leave Castlevania 64 as a footnote; almost as if they were trying to make players forget it even existed…

‘Vampire’ killer from Zimbabwe admits he slayed 13 women, drank their blood

A Zimbabwean “vampire killer” stands accused of murdering and drinking the blood of 13 women.

Alois Nduna last week confessed to raping, slaying and then draining the blood from his victims in the central and southern regions of the African nation, reports The Chronicle.

The 26-year-old claimed he is a Satanist — and had been told by his church to drink the plasma to make him stronger.

He described to Masvingo magistrate Langton Ndokera how he killed Beauty Hove, also 26, on April 25, reports the Independent.

“I grabbed Hove and bit her on the neck after which I started sucking her blood until she lost consciousness,” Radio VOP reported him as saying.

“She fell down and that’s when I stopped sucking her blood,” he added.

Nduna, who was arrested while out at a nightclub in Mvuma last week, remains in custody and will reappear in court on May 26, reports Eyewitness News.

Cops are also investigating whether he carried out a series of other brutal murders.

When James Riva was 23 years old he shot and killed his handicapped grandmother while she sat in her wheel-chair, and then stabbed her several times in the heart. The gun was loaded with gold-painted bullets. He drank the blood that gushed from her wounds and set fire to her house to get rid of the evidence. He claimed to be a 700-year-old vampire who needed to drink her blood, but claimed she was also a vampire and that she fed on him at night while he slept. He was convicted of second degree murder, arson, assault and battery. He was sentenced to life in prison on the murder charge, and ten to twenty years for the arson charge.