For anon that request more Katherine imagines

You stood there with a smile on your face as you looked at Katherine. “Y/N?” she questioned in a low tone. You nodded looking at her. “It’s me” you assured her. Even after 500+ years apart neither of you had forgotten each other or what you looked like. “How…” she asked, but you cut her off. “I’m a vampire, just like you Katherina. You finally have someone as old as you” you joked lightly. There was a slight silence as Katherine took everything in, a little smile appearing on her lips.”I met your daughter Katherina” you told her. “She was adorable, just like her mother. I gave her a locket with your picture and your name engraved in it, so she never forgets her mother. Just like I never forgot my best friend” you told her. Katherine looked at you, a tear running down her cheek. She appeared in front of you and pulled you into a hug. “Thank you” she whispered, holding you tightly.