Vampire Academy Meme [1] OTP → Lissa Dragomir & Christian Ozera

“In some ways, Lissa and Christian were perfect for each other. Maybe they were outcasts, but the Dragomirs and Ozeras had once been among the most powerful Moroi leaders. And in only a very short time, Lissa and Christian had started shaping one another in ways that could put them right up there with their ancestors. He was picking up some of her polish and social poise; she was learning to stand up for her passions. The more I watched them, the more I could see an energy and confidence radiating around them.
They weren’t going to stay down either.”


va meme » (2/10 songs) The Fray // Run For Your Life requested by artemiscrockss


VA/Bloodlines Meme Challenge → (7/9) → Nine Quotes

I moved quickly toward the door. “Goodbye, Adrian.”
I hurried toward the door, half-adraid he’d try to hold me again. If he did, I wasn’t sure I could leave. But no touch came. No effort was made at all to stop me. It wasn’t until I was half-way out on the lawn infront of his building that I dared a peek back. Adrian stood there leaning against the doorframe, watching me with his heart in his eyes. In my chest, my heart was breaking. On my cheek, the lily reminded me of who I was. 
I turnd from him and walked away, refusing to look back.
 - Ch 24, The Golden Lily