I don’t know, I thought it would be kinda funny.


The Team Fortress 2 wiki described how to get the new promotional Spy cosmetic. It’s exactly like how you would get a balloonicorn. The link provided on the wiki is selling real-life plushy Spycrabs for $20. You are then rewarded for your purchase with an additional in-game genuine Spy cosmetic that goes on your Spy’s shoulder, (most likely when you enter a promo code you receive with the real-life plush). The Spycrab comes in red or blue (depending on what team you are on) as a default. However, its body can be painted. You can officially adopt a spycrab now. ♥ ***EDIT*** Ok, so people have been telling me that once you order the Spycrab online, they’ll email you the code for the in-game one. Happy trails, pardner!


Rainy Day Dads - Defensive Classes


As promised, here is the next batch! Still WIPs but I’m happy to say I’ve been experimenting with different ways to depict rain and give moods to environments.

P.S. I’m getting more and more ambitious with my pieces, hahahuhu.

P.P.S. I researched that phrase, okay? There were a number to choose from but “little sun” takes the cake for my headcanon HeavyDad.

(Offensive Classes)

(Support Classes)