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Are you a Ravenclaw? I can’t tell if your picture thing is blue or purple… If it’s purple, then this is awkward. If it’s blue, YEAH GO RAVENCLAW! WOOT!

Haha all shenanigans aside though, thanks for following!

So yesterday was my birthday and....

….everyone were very kind with me but I didn’t respond to anyone, so here it goes: first to my lovely friends and also tumblrers valleydarkalley and peanut kid , the first one send me the cutest of the text messages( if it weren’t in Portuguese I would definitively would post) and also thanks for the cutest post peanut kid, in last all the people on Facebook who will most certainly not read this here is my thank you anyways. And now off to bed.


My last post and recent rediscovery made me want to hear this. So i will just leave that here

The internet, sometimes, does this thing....

in which you are doing something totally neutral and related to your future, then you stumble on a little bit of your past and a second later the Internet slaps you on the face with it. Luckily was the good part of my past. And now i am feeling nostalgic.

P.S.1: Sorry for the bad use of English language.

P.S.2: Here you go and knock yourselfs out:

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Sivi, VOCÊ VIU MEU CADERNO? Tá perdido por aí no meu Tumblr. Aliás, o que exatamente eu devo lembrar quando vejo Do-Re-Mi? (Se você quiser que a comunicação seja em inglês pra deixar seu blog linguisticamente homogêneo (?), é só dizer)

Não, quem liga pra homogeneidade. Sim eu vi enquanto fuçava no seu blog, muito bonito e me lembrou um pouquinho da cena do refugio de desventuras em serie, agora espero vê-lo ao vivo.

Eu imaginei que você não iria lembrar da festa do toddy, quando eu pedi pro orlando explicar o do-ré-mi e você fez questão de cantar essa musica, ou seja, nada não é bobagem minha.