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New project at Organik Trap “Love Edition” a tribute to Phyllis Hyman. I want to give a big thanks to my brother @cainisthefuture for hooking up the cover art. One of many to come from him. Phyllis I Love you R.I.P. #trapbeats #trapisHipHop #beatsforsale #PhyllisHyman #beatproject #producer #properlyprepared #production #ThemHellas#ValentinesDayproject #oneofakindbeats #uniquesound #samplebeats #lifehustle #iamhiphop#peace #musicgrind #musichustle #newproject #somethingdifferent #RIPPHYLLISHYMAN @veuxdochild @christingaling @afrodeiiity @joshfarria @amir_aek @egyptianlovher @mrdoomdotta @phattyma @3sis_80 @highambitiontv @itskatedash @pugsatomz @so_ashaki @ur_mane_attraction @ambywarhol @apolloslimig @amandab_themodel @thechocolatesensation @snackskateboards @don_zamh_be @individualistic @djgorillabeats @djstormsblog @equality69born @gho0stdawryter @meowlabelle @meowlabelle @rootsanbranches @bigjabvazquez @b0b_gnarley @beatsbypaps @brittsense @_crystal_light @fearaoh_ctintb @queens_d_light @duckwrth @dephkhan @missmaria415 @trethoven1914 @djearnmoney @daghe @dailamendes @deerighteous @delirium_sf @djmylo @impolitesociety @milwaukeeog76 @mikeysmithstonian @elijahxdesign @emceenickramsey @kiss_shamaray @vintagekoeasi

anonymous said:

Dear Lav, so sorry I didn't have time to write to you! I'm in uni now and it's quite overwhelming :( I hope school has been better for you! Tell me a bit more about yourself? I hope you're having a great day dear, you're beautiful :)) love, xx

ahh it’s no problem, don’t worry about it! 

Uni gives you so much more independence though :ooo

Okay well let’s see. I’m 14, female, English. I’m multilingual and English is my second but preferred language. I don’t actually like English, I think it’s incredibly clumsy as a language and I dislike England and the rain. I learnt the violin at the age of 5 and passed my grade 8 four years later when I was 9 years old. I sing and play guitar a lot, especially when I’m stressed. I consider myself a perfectionist, and I haven’t been concentrating in school recently so it makes me happy that I’m getting averages of A*. Um, I’m quite short, I’m 160 cm and I have quite poor self-esteem and a bad body image. I would really like to be able to speak at least 5 languages fluently. I can’t think of anything else haha. What about you? :)

Have a wonderful day, I love you too! <3

anonymous said:

Dear Lav, ahhh yes it is quite a lot of money!! You should save it up so that you can spend it gradually, so you won't be tight on money if you ever do need it :)) where would you like to travel to? How has your day been! I hope it has been beautiful, because you deserve a great day :)) love, xx

Ahh well my family is actually really well-off so money has never been a problem for us. 
Yes that does make sense hehe but I have two bank accounts, one I cannot touch until I’m 18 and I have a looooooooot of money in there. The other I don’t have a lot of money in (maybe £1000) but I tend to use that for buying things so I put the majority of my money into the other account. 

I really want to go to many places! I haven’t been to Singapore in ages so I would quite like to go there again and also Malaysia. I went to Hong Kong for my birthday but it’s one of my favourite places so that’s always on my list! I want to also go to lots of countries within Europe so France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, etc and I would love to also go to America and Peru c:

Well it’s almost 11 (am) here and I’ve been on Tumblr and watching Frozen so it’s been pretty good but not very productive (oops, I need to do my homework). What about you? :)

Aw I love you xx

anonymous said:

Dear Lav, I hope you get well soon! It isn't nice to be sick especially on CNY :/ and it's good that you got money!! That's a lot, isn't it? :) what are you going to do with it? Shopping!! I'm doing okay, stressed out with uni stuff so yeah.. I hope you had a great CNY!! Love, xx

Thank you so much! I’m almost better I hope!

Well I don’t know, £150 isn’t that much to me (god I sound so spoilt) but I suppose it’s a lot of money to get?? I don’t know if I’m honest. 

Ahhh I don’t know! I probably will spend it on travelling if I’m honest, like flying to somewhere or other! 

Ugh, good luck, I hate doing all my homework and ewwww
Hope you had a good CNY too! xx

anonymous said:

Dear Lav, hi! I'm your valentine anon from Nathalie's project :) I hope you're having a great weekend! Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? If yes, 新年快乐!! :) love, your anon. (I'm not too sure what to call myself!)

hi! aw yay, my weekend is going pretty well thank you!’

I’m sick and I’ve missed a lot of school and I have a lot of homework to catch up on so I’m pretty stressed over that but I’m good otherwise! :D
how are you doing? 

yes, I don’t know if you know hihi but I’m actually Chinese so we’re celebrating it (yay). I got some money from my parents as well (£150) so yay money :D

I’ll tag all your answers to ‘valentinesdayproject’ so you can find them easier c: