whats the big deal about valentines day? seriously, it’s just another day. do you really need a day to show your love for someone? or to do something sweet and nice for someone special? if you do, than you’re really missing the bigger picture.

before you start with “Oh well you don’t understand, you have someone special.” you don’t think i’ve been alone on v-day before? Because I was. It still didn’t mean squat to me. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. I still think that.

it’s another day to sucker people into spending more money.

you should love and appreciate the people around you, EVERY DAY of the year. not just one.

that said, i also think the majority of “major holidays” are commercialized money holes.

Pay attention to that “someone special” for more and a couple days out of the year. Take them out randomly. Bring them home a token of thought. SHOW THEM THEY MEAN SOMETHING TO YOU. You don’t necessarily have to spend money, just do something to show you care and they were on your mind.

Show that person you love them, regardless of what day of the year it is!

me and my girl are gonna be valentines!

that’s right! me and B are valentines because boys are stupid.
….valentines day is pretty stupid.
It’s not even a real holiday, it’s like the day when guys buy girls a bunch of junk so that they can get laid.

lame sauce.