You’re trying your best to get over him but it’s hard and that’s okay because all you can do is try. I know it’s strange because you’ve gotten so use to thinking about him all the time that you not thinking about him feels strange and you forget what you even use to think about at 2 AM. You can’t remember what you use to wish for on shooting stars or who you thought about when you read poems about love. You’re trying to get over him but sometimes at night when your eyelids are heavy but your thoughts are heavier you end up thinking about him and everything loving him has put you through ,you give into temptation and go reread those messages . Sometimes you feel stupid, sometimes you feel sad, sometimes you feel mad because getting over someone who was never yours hurts just as much as loving someone who isn’t yours.
—  At Least You’re Trying
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This is my favorite moment on Chelsea Lately in its entire seven year run. I am really going to miss this show.