Conversation I heard at the store

“Why the fuck are they still selling Valentine’s? It’s almost June!”

“Probably some left overs, man”

“I mean, shit. They really need to market these better so they don’t have so many left over, like, they need to make these ones with Shrek on ‘em”

“Dude, no”

“And it should say something like-”

“I will fucking leave, right now”

“-'Shrek may be life, but you are love’ with donkey winking in the background”

“I fucking hate you”

Kahit ang arte mo at ayaw mo magpapic ipopost ko pa din ito hahahahaha 😂 Dahil gusto ko… 😋😋😋 gusto ko kase hahaha overload!!! 😎

#Treat #iLoveHim #Bikoykoy #FebLove #Valentines pa din hehe
Abot pa sa Promo 😻😻😻 yeah 👌 #iLoveit ❤️❤️❤️ #Pizza 🍕🍕🍕 #Lasagna (at Greenwich Glorietta 4)

Here’s some illustrated couples portraits I did following a super lovely plug in Autostraddle’s 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Autostraddle-Loveing Girlfriend  My standard fee for personal portraits like these is 65EUR or 75USD. If you’re interested in getting a custom portrait made for you and your darling you can reach me here.