Valentine Date Presents

Presents for Finishing Event Early [Time Sensitive]
If you read the Happy Endings for all 6 members’ stories to the end by 17 February 23:59 [JST], then you will receive the 2 balloon sets + Blue Coat + Bubble Background.

Scenario Reward [Rank Based]
When you finish an Event scenario you will get a Lovey Dovey Pair Sweater Avatar.

Individual Member Presents
When you clear each members’ Event with a Happy Ending, you get the Valentine Date Avatar + that member’s item.

Valentine Date

Takeru woke up early that morning. He got off from bed, making sure not to laze around. He took a shower, got dressed and did all the morning routines, including eating breakfast. When he was done, he slipped on his shoes. He took a hold of he cell phone, looking at the time. 8:00 am. He figured that was good enough to leave then. He was eager to see Taichi. 

He walked out of his door, getting on the public transportation and heading off to Taichi’s place. He sent a short text to Tai, saying he was on his way. Though it would take a few. When he was finally at Taichi’s apartment, he went to the right floor. He stood in front of the door, taking in a deep breath, before knocking on the door softly. 

His heart pounded in his chest. He was nervous and excited all at the same time. He was going to be with Taichi on Valentine’s day. And even if they didn’t do much, he would still be thankful for it. He just wanted to be with him on this special day. 


Valentine Date Event Description

On this day that comes once a year when you can tell each other your thoughts,
they are vying for your chocolate!?

Everyone is wondering,
Who will you have this romantic date with……!?

With whom do you spend this sweet 1st (Valentine’s Day)?

Valentine’s Day is here again & many of you single ladies are wondering….

Who says that you have to in a relationship to enjoy the festivities. Here are some things you can do to enjoy this holiday.

1. Make your best friend your valentine date.

For the last few years my sister has been each others valentine. We would do dinner & movie. Enjoy each others company. Do anything that is fun for you. Why should the couples have all the fun?

2. Make out w/ a stranger. 

If you need to have someone for the occasion. Go to a random bar & find your target. Hopefully you won’t regret it later.