“what did i say about monitoring your health >^>”

because apparently being a high school pdhpe student gives me the best qualifications to help a sick votbear =3= ft. team-reverie


Eggsy’s kinda done. I may add more shadows or something later. Also his is more of a regular portrait than a death one… since he isn’t dead. 

The Kingsman prints are all going to be 7″x5″ on shimmer card stock and will only be sold as a set. Sorry to those that only want singles.

*edit added Merlin to the set


Looks like we’re bringing out the band (Big Band, that is) with the all new “Lil’ Band Plush!”  

This staccato version of the Big Band is approximately eight inches tall and is currently being sold for $19.99

But here’s part two of this jazzy interlude: the whole ensemble is joining in for a grand finale with the all new “Skullgirls Film Button Packs.”

Lil’ Band Plush
Skullgirls Film Button Set #1
Skullgirls Film Button Set #2
Skullgirls Film Button Set #3