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1.- Solo he dicho una vez por acá como me llamo :3

2.- Soy Mexicana .

3.- Nunca, nunca me ha picado una abeja xD … deseo que me piquen ahq

4.- Mi padre falleció cuando tenia 7 años.

5.- Le tengo Fobia a los Calamares Gigantes ._.

* agrego una mas : Soy una nerdita en Matemáticas y odio español.

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 geekcrazygirl sophiara97 khimena-zamok skyler-rainbow evalinconhi kairivalde wigettaesla-luz omg-wigetta-is-real me faltan mas pero Bah.

¿porque los taggeo? por que son buenas personas :3


"I was at boarding school and had been misbehaving and I was sent to study drama, to the theater at my school. I was sent under duress and never left, I loved it. To begin with I was just helping out with the sets, painting the walls, nailing things into the floor and doing odd jobs. I was sent there to keep out of trouble, but I never thought about acting before that at all. Then I discovered I liked the people doing drama far more than most of the other people at my school. I spent so much time there that eventually someone asked me to be in a play, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my acting ability. I found out that I loved acting and I am very glad it happened.”  Hugh Dancy

- Por onde andou? Fiquei preocupado.
- É que tem dias que a gente cansa de procurar Zé, e só quer ser procurado!
—  Agridoce, Valentina.