I really wanted to draw some lily of the valley but all I could manage 2day was this lazy sketch of val alone….. BUT does anyone remember the mobster au? (^: in short, val would be a scandalously rich crime boss (stealing loads of $$$ from rich white old dudes lmao) living ~fast and dangerous~ so eventually she’d like someone to have around for emotional support, which would be liling (who would probs not know her field of work…) at first it’d be a platonic thing where val would spoil liling to hell and back while satisfying her romantic+sexual needs with other girls but eventually they’d both cave in and become girlfriends

val would come home really late in the night, all ragged and tired after heists and the like but to compensate she’d bring home lots of jewelry for liling……. she’d just have to clean off the blood first. oops :^)c


Female figure of Pandora and the Virgin of The Adoration of the Shepherds , preserved in Valencia. The sculptures of Epimetheus ( 44 cm x 17.1 cm x 9 cm ) and Pandora ( 43 cm x 12.7 cm x 8 cm ) are exceptional in the Spanish Renaissance, example of sculpture nude would demonstrate knowledge of classical culture of the Cretan.

1600 and 1610

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