For anyone unsure, the party held on May 9th was a Pre-Graduation celebration thrown by both Kamil’s mother and Claire. At the time neither Kamil nor Zendaya had actually graduated due to the fact they both had multiple finals to complete. It has now been confirmed through Kamil’s mother’s twitter that Kamil will be graduating sometime this weekend (May 23-24). As of now ( May 22nd) Zendaya’s confirmation is still pending. 

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I've been seeing posts where people are saying Val didn't look as happy as they thought he would when winning and how some of them thinks it's cause he would have rather won with Z. I know you said that people need to give Rumer the credit she deserves so I was wondering what you thought of this.

I’ll keep it simple. Some people just really need to find their chill. People read too much into every little thing Val and Z do and this is exactly what happens because of it. I don’t care what these people say, Val looked happy as fuck about winning with RUMER and no amount of people saying “Something seemed really off about how he was acting.” will make me think otherwise. I’m honestly starting to think that people were hoping he wouldn’t look completely satisfied so they legit convinced themselves that that was the case.

Like I have said before, it fucking SUCKS that Val and Zendaya didn’t win because we all know damn well they deserved it, but are people going to hold such a hard grudge about it to the point that now that Val has finally won, with someone amazing for that matter, they want to start questioning how truly happy he was? Come on now. Z was proud as hell for Val and Rumer and I know for a fact if she saw the way some people are reading into things she would be disappointed, same thing could be said for Val.


I’m sorry but there is no way Val meant Rue was his best partner out of all the seasons, absolutely no way. Rue is great and all but IMO, with her he went right back to the sex gimmick to get the crowd which idk why he did that but… Obviously him and Rumor have a great friendship but I doubt they will intertwine their lives like him and ZENDAYA have. I’m sorry, and honestly I’m glad because I wouldn’t want that. I’ll be so glad when the hype of him and Rumor dies down. Sorry, not too sorry. Lol

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I appreciate that you see Zendaya as an individual and not as one half of a ship.

Zendaya can be married with a million babies and i would still look at her as an individual because no matter what she will be killin’ shit without needing a man to get shit done. While I believe that Val is extremely supportive of her and encourages her to be the woman she is no matter what position he holds in her life, I know damn well she would still be slaying everything she does whether he was in the picture or not. She is just that amazing.

Need to get this off my chest

If Z is dating this guy she was out at the movies tonight (which by the way I don’t believe until I see evidence) It would kind of explain Val’s sort of distance toward Z! For example…I totally thought that V was going to show some sloppiness when he finally won dwts and post his appreciation toward Z and how she’s been there since day 1 and all that jazz but instead he thanks everyone and gave a special shout out to jj (which whom I have no problem with)… Z post a beautiful declaration toward val when he won dwts and all he did was liked the pic not even a “thank you” yeah he liked a pic of hers which is cool and all but idk… I believe in Valdaya 100%(who are we kidding they are end game) but if its true that she is dating then good for her because to be honest she needs to experience that part of life ya know to gain some experience in that aspect! I just get the feeling that Mr. Chmerkovskiy doesn’t like it at all….

Then again I could be reading this all wrong and Z might tweet something saying she’s not dating and we should all get a life 😜😜😜😜

I would never and have never once put down Zendaya in any way or form, in fact, I have done nothing but praise her, and I would appreciate if people didn’t come at me with their bullshit on my posts or ask replies acting as if I belittled Zendaya or don’t respect the powerful woman she has become. That’s the kind of shit that caused me to stay away from the tag for a long time, and this time around I sure as hell am not going to put up with it. You want to defend your girl, I get that, but there is a time and a place for everything, and it sure as hell isn’t on posts where people aren’t saying a damn thing that warrants you blowing up on them.