Here’s where I make tumblr’s upload system angry with me again…

We’re still going back and forth on what to call these guys - thus far the awful gag is that its a ‘Noa’… as in Not-a-Moa. Honestly he’s a bit of a mash-up that was the result of my going squirrely and needing to do something just-because. He’s a bit of terrorbird, a bit of valcona, and a bit of moa, all wrapped up in an evil parakeet sort of personality.

And yes, he can do that thing Kevin does in Up, with the upside down head between his legs.

Can’t wait to put together the flamingo colour scheme. You’d better believe that’s gettin’ covered in sparkles. Look at that face! That is the face of a bird who just wants to be fancy.
(This is why I’m not allowed to have a bedazzler.)