Seasons Greetings~

December has arrived and that Holiday Spirit starts to warm up everyone’s hearts, everyone is happier, everyone is laughing having a good time, it’s something contagious that affects everyone for the better. 

It’s the season to spend them with the important ones that care about you, regardless if it’s in real life or online, as long as that heart-to-heart connection is there is the most important thing. 

Cheers to the friends I’ve met in real life, GameFAQs, OMGPOP, and tumblr, you all influenced my life one way or another, and I’m hoping that we will all be friends for a long time! 

I’d like to bring up a very special person who I’ve met thru OMGPOP/Skype, presenting Vajenna~ She is a sister to me, and she means a lot to me, she might not think about it, but I look up to her although I’m the older one hahaha.  She’s smart and a very hard-worker, those 2 aspects alone are the ones that motivate me the most.  She has a lot of pride, just like me, which makes me smile, she’s athletic (she’s a dancer), she’s funny and of course adorable.  Although she probably can’t measure up how much she means to me (I’m so ninja at that hahaha), she has affected and influenced who I am today in many ways.  We’re very alike in many things, we share similar tastes, and I feel that we’ve helped each other out because it’s like seeing a mirror image but through a different perspective.  That alone has done so much for me and her because it has helped us see how we interact in certain situations and can pick off our weaknesses and help us become better people because of that.  We’re dependable and supportive, I know that if I need advice or help she would be there for me, and I would too, try to be there for her when she needs help or advice.  It’s not all that hard knowing when we both are in need of assistance either even if we don’t ask for help since we know each other well, and that’s something really helpful and I hold close because no one that I know in real life ever really came close to that against me (although I can tell if something is wrong/off with them), and I believe that’s what makes this family bond special. 

Her intelligence and hard-working are the things I look up to the most.  With intelligence comes important decision-making skills, with hard-working comes great responsibility for yourself and others.  Vajenna has both of them, I look up to her intelligence because she knows how to help people effectively and she is helpful when it comes to cheering people up.  I look up to her hard-working because like me, I work for everything and can’t accept anything given, I have to work for it and earn it.  Vajenna is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen, almost nothing was given to her, and she had to work for it, and that work paid off, just going from one stage to how she is right now is such an amazing accomplishment and I am glad to be at her side and see something like that happen, it just fuels me with motivation, if she can do it, then I can do something that can amount to that in some way or another.

One thing I should include is that Vajenna has a very brave heart! If she goes in, she goes in 100% no pervertedness.  That along with her hard-working mean that if she works on something you know she’s going to be committing full effort on it.  She’s a perfectionist as well, like me, so basically she won’t stop at something unless she finds it to be perfect!  Her pride is something that I think tops it all, she has pride in what she does or how she helps people, her pride is very strong, and that secures that all other aspects of her personality don’t get weak and boosts the amount of effort she can give in!  She’s such a positive person also, she is so fun to be with, and can turn a bad day into a good one in a short time!  These strong points of Vajenna have changed what I see in myself and have changed who I am in many ways, she is a very special person in my life and I hope she knows now how much she means to me as a sister~

This is just a reminder to everyone out there, to not look about what is just in front of you, but to look around you, to look at the surrounding people that care about you, the people that care about you will always be there for you to lend a hand and help you get back up, also make sure to lend a hand too!  Seasons Greetings everyone~

lahvelyy said:

do you have the problem of people calling you vajenna or jennatal, because I literally get it all the time and I just wanna punch people tbh.