Vampire Academy Challenge: Favourite Battle Scene → Chapter 28 Blood Promise

This battle scene was my favorite because it shows that Lissa is more than a pretty face, I think this was the point in the book were Lissa being the kind person that she is the one that would help a bird in need from the flashbacks back in the First book, she starts to see here how it is very necessary to learn to defend herself, that even with a guardian, things happen and she will need to be prepared for them. 


Vampire Academy Challenge: A Scene that makes you Happy → Chapter 19 Last Sacrifice

Pretty much most of Chapter 19 made me happy to read, Lissa comes back from her trial, Christian is the first to greet her back. They go back to her room and they have their moment together. Christian shows his support that he believes in her no matter what. You can see how much they truly love each other in this chapter.


"Don’t you think we’re going to hell for this?"

"For this?" He played with he shirt’s edge, letting his fingers just brush inside of it."

"No,"She laughed. "For this.” She gestured around the attic.”This is a church. We shouldn’t be doing this kind of,um, thing up here.”

"Not true, the church is downstairs. This is just Storage. God won’t mind."

(Frostbite, Ch.8)