Vacoas, Mauritius, My Hometown

The empty Bazar

Today I went with friends, Krys (pay a visit to her tumblr, she does amazing stuff!: and her brother, on a lil photowalk looking for old, lonely things in town. The market was empty today.

Here in Mauritius, we call the ‘market’ “Bazar”.

This place is normally full of people buying their vegetables and super noisy. I might photograph the ambience there one day so that you can see the contrast :D

Today it was empty. Not a single living thing around apart from us three people. 

Something what grabbed my attention first were the ridiculous amount of signs there are there. Here’s some of them:

I found some very random things. Used and old objects. Newspapers and plastic things in which the fruits come imported:

.. I don’t want to make a long entry. That will be a pain and be very ugly xD
So that’s it for now. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow c:

Oh, before that, PIGEON!


Journée sans soleil à l’Anse des cascades : plusieurs cascades qui se déversent dans l’océan situé juste à côté. Quand il y a du soleil, ce doit être vraiment spectaculaire car l’océan avait des reflets verts. Très beau site qui accueille comme tous les lieux ici de très nombreux pique-niqueurs le WE. Les garçons se sont bien amusés à faire la course avec des feuilles en guise de bateaux. Puis nous avons longé le sentier, sous les vacoas, pour une petite balade


Casela Restaurant - 

Restaurant of the park-  nice terrace and the menu is plenty of different things. 

We were disappointed about the seafood salad and the wrap but maybe it was because we took two milkshakes before and we weren’t hungry anymore

Seafood salad : not very good    250 rs

Samousa : not the best rs    150 rs

Burger: apparently good :)   250 rs

wrap (cesar style) 150 : not perfect

Address : Henrietta, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius


Photo Safari - Emus & Zebras-

The safari is funny, especially with the crazy emus, that try to still some break! It is a bit freaky actually when you don’t expect it and you have a lot of emus around you. 

Nevertheless, you will only see emus & zebras.

1h : 120 rs ( 4 euros)

Adress : Casela Nature park

Henrietta, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius