[It had been such a nice day, keeping Q company in the forges, learning Morse Code with Kendall (she had gotten pretty good in the past few weeks), playing in the yard with Christian…Laurel wanted a little time to herself, so she hopped towards the vacant hilltop to enjoy the view. Her little bunny ears twitched as she started to sense something in the air although she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was…oh well. As soon as she reached the top of the hill, Laurel couldn’t help flopping over on her side, completely at ease.]


This past weekend i visited an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY. Among being enormous it was filled with all sorts of interesting treasures. i could have spent days there and not seen everything. a trip back is definitely needed to further explore, possibly with some models to photograph. 

Copyright. Jesse Murch Photography

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Images from last night’s opening of Pretty Vacant: The Graphic Language of Punk at Moore College of Art & Design.

Seeing all of this stuff together in one place was pretty mind blowing. I wish I could upload more than 10 images to tumblr!