burondoshipper asked:

GOT7 and BTS reaction to you walking in on them practising their kissing technique on a pillow?

Of course~ This was funny to do ^_^ Thanks and saranghae~


BAMBAM: “Jagiya, come here~ BamBam wants to kiss you”

JACKSON: *you’re Jr* “I have practised enough…” *kissing you suddenly*

MARK: “Why did you come all of a sudden?”

JR: *blowing you a kiss* “Mianhe~”

YOUNGJAE: “I’m so sorry, plese don’t kill me”

YUGYEOM: *blushing* “It’s not what you think…”

JB: *What should I answer her now…?*


JIN: *blushing* “What about a kiss?”

JUNGKOOK: “Ottokaji?”

J-HOPE: *shocked*

V: “You found out my secret”

SUGA: “I told you to knock on the door before enter… You’re such a mischievous girl~”

RAP MONSTER: “Okay, I recognise it… This is really embarrasing…”

JIMIN: “Me? No, I wasn’t doing anything…” *trying to convince you that he wasn’t kissing the pillow*