SK Communications has revealed on the 26th that they will be releasing a webtoon completed through a collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment, which is the label of BTS who recently released their 1st album ‘Dark & Wild’, CJ E&M, and Jaedam Media

SK Communication is planning to run the SF hero webtoon ‘We On' starting from September through Nate Webtoon, and are planning to run the daily life comic webtoon Hiphop Monsters consecutively afterwards.

We On' is planned as a Korean blockbuster-scale comic featuring the school action hero genre that Korean readers are familiar with. The 7 characters' charms are maximized through their visuals and their super powers, and it is modeled to be the Korean version of the Avengers.

Hiphop Monsters' is a gag comic featuring 7 students that attend Bangtan Highschool and make the club ‘HipMon’. It will be a high quality comic that deals with social satire and everyday humor in the hiphop diss format so normal readers, not just BTS fans, will be able to enjoy it.

On the background of the project, team leader Yang Kyung Jik of the Nate Alliance Business said, “We decided on the high quality service with BTS and their potential as an idol group as the model. It will be a good chance to expand the Korean webtoon and character industry into the world.”

Nate will have a commenting event from September 3rd to September 30th to commemorate the launching of the hero comics ‘We On' and provide signed CDs by BTS to participants through a lottery. [x]

Also, more hints about the rest of the boy’s powers through Nate Comic's header image:


Looks like flight, some kind of hulk power…, and electricity. We already know Jin, RapMon, and Suga’s power, but I have no idea what that hooded guy’s power is going to be. 

I will also be translating Hiphop Monster when it comes out.

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