Shit happens. It’s the most largely popular fact of life; you learn to deal with it and flow with the changing times. Because even when you don’t want it to, there’s nothing you can do.

          When a timeline fracture in this universe ends in overwhelming chaos, the resulting damage splits the timeline up: everyone ends up on a different time stream, often in a different universe altogether. But none are left alone. Some remember their prior timeline, some don’t; some are drawn together by fate and some seek each other out with deliberation. Because when you’re placed into a whole new life, remembering your last one can do a lot of damage and that common source of comfort becomes a necessity. Even when your old company is gone and co-workers — best friends, family — don’t remember the same things you do.

nostalgia for nothingness: an rtah groupverse

         *bolded names are an absolute necessity to the verse. non-bolded names are not a necessity but will be a joy to work in. individuals not listed can be added in; those who are listed here are not the final list.

admissions are closed at this time. we are not accepting new members to the verse. this is the final list. changes will not be made for any reason unless a member chooses to drop the verse.

  • Geoff: bossmanramsey
  • Jack: heisty—beardo
  • Ryan: meankingryan
  • Gavin: secrxtgavin
  • Michael: concentrated-rage
  • Ray: redkxng
  • Dan: secrxtdan
  • Meg: meggersturney
  • Lindsay: kittycatsandfriendermen
  • Caleb: the-ultimate-frisboy
  • Burnie: bxrningburns
  • Barb: bdunkelmxn
  • Joel: hxyman

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