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Safe Cracker v1.30 APK

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Dell Vostro V130 Full Review

The V130 is a repositioning, reflecting how technology has changed. While it still has the non-removable Dell Vostro V130 battery, the Vostro V130 loses the ExpressCard 34 slot, but gains an additional USB port, HDMI out, a 1.33GHz Core i5 470UM, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM and runs on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. It still has the VGA out, eSATA port, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth, headphone and microphone jacks and SD card reader from the V13, and manages to look nearly identical from the outside.

The predecessor of our current test unit appeared on the market at the beginning of 2010. The Vostro V13 provided Penryn, low voltage performance in a slim, 13.3“ housing.  The 4 hour Dell Inspiron N4010 battery life (WLAN-Test), didn’t exactly knock us off our feet, but the high quality finish and excellent ergonomics were quite impressive.

Configurations of the V130 start with Intel’s Mobile Celeron and Core i3 chips, but our review sample was based on a beefier 1.33GHz Core i5-470UM processor with 4GB of memory and a 500GB 7,200rpm hard drive.Connectivity is via 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the optional mobile broadband modem.The Core i5-470UM chip is a dual-core processor but, thanks to Intel’s HyperThreading technology, it appears to software as four cores.The processor scores a quite respectable 5.4 in the Windows Experience Index rating built into Windows 7, although the overall score for the entire system is pegged back to 3.2 because of the performance of the Intel graphics integrated into the system chipset.

The Vostro V130 also brings some multimedia goodies to the table, including Dell’s webcam software and a surprisingly robust audio system (with an integrated digital microphone). I actually had to turn down the volume on some YouTube music videos and Rhapsody tunes, all of which sounded fine through a headset plugged into audio ports on the notebook’s front edge.

There’s a little too much bounce in the keys for our liking (especially toward the centre of the keyboard), and the area of the chassis under the keyboard flexes far too much for comfort when pressure is applied. The biggest disappointment, however, is the machine’s power outlet autonomy. The 6-cell integrated Dell Vostro V130 battery is good for just over 3.5 hours which, frankly, is unacceptable. Other ultraportables are typically good for twice that amount of time. By comparison, the MacBook Air 13-inch lasts over an incredible 12 hours.

Of more benefit to business workers is the Dell Vostro V130 adapter, accessed via the SIM slot on the front edge - something Apple still doesn’t offer. Also, for the first 15 months Trend Micro will host and maintain security remotely for SMBs without the resources to do so themselves. Add to this the 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3, a 2-megapixel webcam above the screen, and the option of Windows 7 Professional, and the Vostro V130 holds its own as a business laptop.

The Dell Vostro V130 comes with a 13.3-inch widescreen LED-backlit display with 1366x768 pixel resolution. And it’s good to see a matte, non-glossy screen surface on the Vostro V130 – it isn’t as distracting as glossy screen. Reading text for long durations is better on non-glossy displays, in our experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch movies and online videos on the Dell Vostro V130. The screen on the Vostro V130 isn’t the brightest we’ve encountered but it gets the job done – viewing angles are average, nothing exceptional.

There’s a significant problem, though. In our light-use battery test, the Vostro V130 held on for a mere 3hrs 55mins. Worse, the sealed, Apple-esque chassis means you can’t upgrade the Dell LATITUDE E4300 battery. That’s a blow to its business credibility, and it’s a shame because we like the Vostro V130. It’s a joy to use, very customisable, and its looks are up there with the best of them.

The V130 utilizes a new cooling method which Intel calls ‘Hyperbaric Cooling’. Simply put, the laptop fan actively pulls air into the case (intake), unlike other laptops which traditionally push hot air out of the case (exhaust). Intel claims this design is more effective. We have no scientific methods to test this out; however, in real world usage the V130 performed with very little noise and heat. The fan was generally audible in a near silent room, but was not at all a nuisance, and the vast majority of people would probably never notice it over ambient noise. The heat was also impressively low, so low in fact that we did not notice it at all while using it on our lap. This wowed us more than any of other features, mainly because this is the first laptop (not netbook) we have used with no heat issues whatsoever.

The Vostro V130 looks really classy at first glance and the sleek design of the notebook is bound to get some heads turning. The metallic matte finish of the lid ensures that the V130 gets the suave business look that it deserves and at the same time, doesn’t attract too many fingerprints. Also, weighing in at 1.6 kg, the notebook is quite light to carry around.

The Dell Vostro V130 is the kind of business ultraportable that can shave serious weight off your cabin baggage, while captivating onlookers with its thin, provocative frame. Fans of its predecessor and the Latitude 13 will like the additional horsepower that comes with the Core i5 processor, as well as the additional USB port and HDMI. In the process, though, the tiny 90WH Dell LATITUDE E5510 battery had from the additional power draw, and 3 hours of battery life is simply not enough for a business ultraportable. You’ll get better usage and a lot more power from the Toshiba Portege R705-P35-our Editors’ Choice for the ultraportable category.

I had this running on battery and then on Dell Vostro V130 AC adapter for a good day and noticed that it stayed relatively cool, even against the Thinkpad X201s that I use at work. I understand that Dell used Intel’s Hyperbaric cooling technology to keep this laptop cool (the chassis is designed to draw in air fro outside to keep the system cool and quiet). It draws in air from the left side and shoots warmer air from the right side.

Notebook DELL Vostro V130 is an excellent choice for all who are willing to pay more than $ 500 (the price of basic kit) for good performance and strong body. Moreover, you get a diverse set of ports and contrast display. Unfortunately, the battery life leaves much to be desired. Therefore, those who often stays on the road, this model is not recommended.

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