SO a little while ago I made these Arc-V keychains and I’ve finally gotten all the parts, so I’m opening up orders for them. They’re 1.5″ clear acrylic charms, and they’ll be $7 each with shipping included. Currently accepting worldwide orders, and everything is while supplies last (just planning on doing this one print for now).

Please fill out this order form if you’re interested!



Keychains - £3.00

Prints - £5.00

~when buying a set of the same series I will offer a free commission and some other stuff along with it~

I will also take suggestions for other chibi keychain designs you guys would like me to make (just drop an ask or whatever =v=//;;)

I recently opened up an etsy shop to sell my comic con leftovers ;v;// like prints, keychains and stuff;; it was my first time so i kind of got carried away coughcough

there are more characters and designs in the shop so yeh;; feel free to check it out~

im not really an expert in advertising my own stuff like those other people with the cool posts about their shops sob