Why do autistic people avoid eye contact? Why is eye contact considered important? Does eye contact hurt autistics? Should I insist that my autistic child make eye contact? Answers to all of these questions and more in this week’s episode of Ask an Autistic!

Further reading on eye contact in autistic people:

Aparento estar alegre, especialmente cuando me encuentro entre compatriotas, pero llevo algo en mí que me mata, pálpitos sombríos, intranquilidad, insomnio, nostalgia, indiferencia por todo; en un momento alegría de vivir, pero en seguida deseo de muerte, apatía, congelación, ausencia de espíritu y a veces recuerdos demasiado claros me martirizan.
—  Frédéric Chopin

If any of you run across any scholarships aimed at (or anything near) colored (specifically latinx), gay, disabled kids from “rough” background and is for a first year college student at a community college


I’m classified as a dependent b/c I live with my parents and despite the income they make, we are a family of 9 so money is never flourishing. They allow me to live for free at home, but I pay for my own medical/transportation/school bills as well as my own phone bill, buy all my own clothes, food, etc.

I have a minimum wage job, work roughly 40 hrs a week, and am a full-time student aiming to get my AA in Psychology before I transfer to Cal State Northridge, where I will get no free housing. I’m practically broke already, I really need some help.

Please, if anyone sees ANYTHING that I might even slightly be qualified for, tell me.

Thank you.