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Please help me. No one else will answer me. I just have a question. I can't google it, I don't know how this works and I'm really frustrated that no one will help or keep telling me to google it. I did. And I still don't understand. I just want to know if I can block posts with a trigger word from showing up. And if so, how? Thank you for your time.

Yes you can block triggered words. One way you can block them is by using an app called tumblr savior. You can get this app for your browser. These are links for google chrome, firefox, opera, and safari browsers. Once you finish downloading the app, quit your browser and then open it back up again, and it should be installed. You should see a T icon at the corner of your screen (probably at the top right corner of your screen). If it isn’t visible, be sure to check your add-ons on firefox (under the tools menu), your extension on google chrome (under the chrome menu after clicking preferences), or safari extensions on safari under the “safari” menu to ensure it is installed. If it’s installed but still not visible, make sure your tool bar is visible so that you can see the tumblr savior icon.

this is where the icon appears in google chrome


this is where the icon appears is in firefox:


this is where it appears on safari


You may have to go to “view” and “customize toolbar” to add the tumblr savior logo on safari.

Once the tumblr savior icon is visible, if you click on it, you can enter in words to block.


Black list is the words that are blocked. You can also add “white list” words to your tumblr savior that show any posts with that term in them no matter what.

Hidden posts that have the blocked words will only show you the tags and the word(s) in the post that caused it to be blocked: the post itself will be hidden. You will have the option to click these posts to view them if you want to. They look like this:


Another option is to download xkit and use their blacklist extension. I personally prefer tumblr savior over the blacklist extension. However, i do recommend downloading xkit if you haven’t already because it has a lot of useful features for tumblr, even if, like me, you don’t use their blacklist extension. Xkit is available for google chrome, firefox, and opera. My xkit, however, stopped working on firefox, so I’m not sure if it works on there anymore. It does, however, still work on google chrome (which I switched to). Once you download xkit, go to the xkit logo that now appears on the top of your tumblr dash and the xkit menu will pop up.


and click the ^ “get extensions” tab on the bottom—there you can find “blacklist” and click it and add it to your xkit extensions.


Click the “my xkit” tab on the bottom, and you’ll see a list of your extensions on the left hand side. Scroll and click “blacklist.” Scroll to the bottom of the screen on the right and you’ll be able to add blacklisted and white listed words. 


Xkit has other options available too (like “don’t show why the post was blocked” or completely hide that the post exists altogether).

The blocked posts on blacklist look like this:


That’s about it! I don’t recommend using blacklist and tumblr savior together as they can interfere with each other.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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