United Women in Business- Spring Cleaning Savvy Girl’s Guide to Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in people’s everyday lives. In fact, our online personalities can define us more than one thinks. This was the subject of the panel that United Women in Business hosted a few weeks ago, featuring co-founder of Small Girls PR, Bianca Caampued - alongside Jenny Blake, Ashley Williams of Wix.com, and Alyssa Merwin of LinkedIn.

While the conversation during the panel stemmed around managing your social media presence to help you in your career, Bianca’s main message was not to compromise your personality or interests on social media in order to portray a censored version of yourself.  

She recounted her days of when partying was a huge part of her personal brand- something that might be deemed controversial in the corporate world but was actually useful in starting Small Girls PR due to the networking and event planning/attending that is a huge part of this business.  

If you share what you love on social media, it could lead to a career you might never have imagined.  You’re building your audience of people who are like-minded and care about the same things you do, which could be beneficial to a company who wants to tap you for your passions. (Of course there’s always a fine line between internet appropriate and over-sharing, that calls for a common sense.)

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I’m fascinated by the moments of fate that catalyze a sharp pivot early on in a leader’s life. For Sarah LaFleur it happened running in heels to a meeting in Paris. She realized that her “dream job” in private equity wasn’t making her happy; thus, she quickly transitioned from Finance to Entrepreneurship in hopes of solving real issues for professional women… We all have one life people. Listen to the universe #NYC #uwib #soho #learning #workinprogress #mmlafleur #showroom #authenticity #aboutlastnight (at MM. Lafleur)

Top 5 Spotlight: Momma Goodness

Name: Trudy Miller aka
Momma Goddess of Momma Goddess Treasures
Web: www.mommagoddess.etsy.com
Items you sell: Hand crafted jewelry and hand painted bottles

What is your

story, how’d you get started? The Momma Goddess has been passionate about art and making beautiful gifts for her friends and family for many years. I have dabbled in many mediums of art: oil painting, stained glass, acrylics, water color, and finally jewelry design. My favorite is wedding jewelry. I enjoy working with brides to ensure they have exactly what they want for their special day.

I suffered the loss of two of my dear friends, Sande Fuqua and Mary Shimon, to cancer over the last few years and will be donating a portion of all profits to the Humane Society in Sande’s name, and to the Mary Shimon Stampede Scholarship Foundation in Mary’s name. Both of these foundations were very important to my friends and I will continue to support them in honor of both Sande and Mary.

What’s your muse? My daughters, Shilo Darrae and Tara Dawn, are both my muses. I’ve always made items that I think they would like and it works!

What are your favorite materials when creating? I love to use sterling silver and copper. I’m like a bird, anything that sparkles attracts me, and so I use lots of crystals and semi-precious stones.

What are your goals? My goal is to enjoy my life and my work. Art is such an enjoyable way to earn a living. It is satisfying to ‘Love what you do’ and be able to do it daily.

Any advice to share? Stay happy. Enjoy what you do and help others enjoy their lives as well.

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UWIB Promo: Think Spring

Think Spring Promo
Friday March 5- Monday March 8, 2010

As much as I love ski season, I am itching for spring weather. Tired of strutting the boots and wearing wool coats!

In honor of spring right around the corner, the lovely ladies of Unique Women in Business are kicking off their second promo with the theme “Think Spring”!

Many Etsy shops are participating, just search for the tag “UWIBSPRING”. Other non- etsy shops are participating too! Check out our blog to learn more!

All items in my shop are 10% off this weekend for this great promotion.

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Top 5 Spotlight

Name: Tracy Owens Chasteen

Web: http://PolishedTwo.etsy.com

Items you sell: One of a Kind Pottery Shard Jewelry & Whimisal Accessory Designs

What is your story, how’d you get started?
I have been doing crafts for as long as I can remember. It may have started in art class in elementary school, but I also remember spending a lot of time at home building with Tinker Toys, making homemade play dough, and even painting T-shirts with puffy paint. When I was in high school and college I was obsessed with art rubber stamps. I had thousands of them! I made cards, stationery, and even designed my own line of stamps to sell. When I moved to Austin, I never really unpacked the rubber stamps, but the amazing jewelry I’d see in all of the great indie boutiques caught my eye. I started buying beads, tools, and jewelry supplies was and my obsession with jewelry making blossomed.

What’s your muse?

My muse depends on the day. Sometimes I’ll be reading a copy of InStyle magazine and I have to stop to make something that I think would be perfect with a suggested outfit. Sometimes I’ll see someone wearing an interesting color combination and I have to get to my work table to make something inspired by their creative fashion sense. And other times I am simply inspired by something I need…the perfect pair of black dangly earrings, a whimsical hair accessory for a night out, or a bold necklace that I know nobody else will have.

What are your favorite materials when creating?

I love working with pottery shards because each one is painted with a different design, giving me a lot of liberty in combining beads from the hundreds of strands of beads I’ve collected over the years. I have always loved bold and unique necklaces that make a statement, and these necklaces are definitely attention-grabbers. I love using beads of all types, but the varieties of stone beads are amazing right now and I’m also discovering the beauty of Czech and German glass beads–both new and vintage. The beads choices available are just phenomenal and its not hard to spend a lot of money on them!

What are your goals?

My goal this year is to continue selling on Etsy in the steady pace that I’ve accomplished in the past few months. I am very comfortable with the level I’m at after two years on Etsy, but I will always want to learn new techniques and incorporate them into my designs. I recently joined the Etsy Austin team and we have some great ideas for working together to promote our businesses, Etsy, and the DIY movement.

Any advice to share?

The two best pieces of advice I have to share would be to (1) take great photos (and this would apply to anything you plan to sell on the Internet) and–(2) if you are trying to sell your goods on Etsy–take the time to promote off-site. You really need to spread the word about what you do and the items you have to offer. Don’t be afraid of shameless self-promotion!

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