Unexpected Valentine's Day |¦| Amelia & Marcus

Amelia hadn’t done much for the day and considering it was Valentine’s day she felt even worse. This time last week she would’ve been looking forward to this day, her first valentine’s day with Graham and hopefully not the last bit now she doubts they’d spend one together. It hurt her so much that this was happening, that they were pretty much over but it hurt her more that she didn’t even know for sure. No matter how much she tried to ignore it she couldn’t. By the time she tried to see him and tell him sorry, it’d be too late. She didn’t want to spend ages not knowing, being away from him any longer. Hurting. She had to do something. 

Getting up from her couch, she picked up the pile of tissues and placed them in her bin mentally noting to buy some more. Wondering into her bedroom, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and sighed to herself. The girl looked a mess, with red eyes and she pretty much looked like a zombie as her eyes were so baggy due to the fact she’d rarely even slept. Putting on a bit of make-up and changing out of her jogging bottoms and vest, she looked a little better and grabbing her phone and keys, she stuffed them in her pocket. Walking out of her dorm and locking it behind her, she nervously headed towards Graham’s door opposite and knocked on it. Waiting for him to answer, she grew impatient and eventually realised a note on the door mat stating he’d gone on holiday. Without telling her? She knew he was going later this week, but not today. Now she’d be spending who knows how long not knowing what’s going on. As the tears streamed down her face, she didn’t know where to go and didn’t want to be alone any longer. 

Urban Vinyl Daily is proud to announce ‘The WOODKINGS’ series by Pepe Hillier. These 3″ wood figures are an edition of 10 and are either dark oak wood or swiss maple wood. Each figure features a golden brass crown, a nice bees wax finish, and are signed and numbered by the artist. Six of the figures will be available November 3rd at the UVD DCON booth (#730) and the remaining Four will be available in Pepe’s online STORE for $50 each. Hope to see everyone there!

All info taken from urbanvinyldaily.com

Watch on dopevinyl.tumblr.com

Ian Ziobrowski x Urban Vinyl Daily Teaser Video

Here is a short video I made showcasing Nugglife’s creator, Ian Ziobrowski featuring him talking about his contribution to Urban Vinyl Daily’s Blind Box series releasing at DCON next weekend in Pasadena, California.

AGENT OX (part Nuggs part DEA) - rotating head with two characters and each comes with a custom hoodie.

Each blind box will be $75 and you will have a chance to score a limited edition custom dunny from numerous talented aritsts coming up in the game. For more info check out http://urbanvinyldaily.com/ to see preview shots of the possible pulls from all the artists!

Come out and show them your support.