Let's talk about the 'Calliope created Homestuck and gave it to Hussie' Theory

I understand I am probably very late to the party, and this topic has probably been covered by someone much smarter than I, who probably saw this sooner. But considering I just realized this today, I want to talk about it.

I don’t have a belief that the theory that Calliope wrote Homestuck is right or wrong. However, this little epiphany I had makes sense in the context of the theory being correct.

First, let’s talk about this:


"Bugh, Inky, that’s boring it’s only the initials of the first ten handles." I know it is. But you know what else it is? GCAT.


Here we have, using the letters of the handles of the color picture as the top strand, a model of a DNA sequence. In other words, GCAT.

Moving on to RNA.

DNA, basically, is just an instruction booklet on how to make things. However, things can’t be made while DNA just sits there in the nucleus of the cell like the lazy asshole it is. So, there has to be a messenger of sorts to transfer the information to the rest of the cell. That messenger is called RNA. It does this through the processes called transcription and translation - words that, intriguingly enough, usually imply writing.

However, there is another interesting thing about RNA - it doesn’t contain thymine, the T of GCAT. Instead, it uses uracil, or U. So if the black top strand is the DNA template, RNA would look so:


The RNA is orange because I like Halloween, but that’s not important right now.

What is important is the U. And interestingly enough, the only characters that use the letter U in their handles are Calliope and Caliborn.

"Where are you going with this?"

Well, to put it simply…



transcribes information and delivers it to the cell


so that something


can be made.