Full illustration commission done for Smokepaw and Utunu!  Utunu (African Wild Dog) has traveled a long way from African to meet with his long time friend Smokepaw (Wolf) in the Rocky Mountains to trade a few special items. The day is crisp and clear, as autumn is setting in with turning aspens bright among the pine covered slopes.  Just like Colorado is right now in fact!  I used my own photographs from hikes in the past as reference for this setting.  I also made a nice little still life with my own fox and springbok pelts for the small pile of traded items in the foreground.  It’s not often I get to paint my home turf for a commission, the rockies are so gorgeous this time of year.

The animated WIP can be found here.

Large version of the final piece can be found here.

Os several weeks ago Utunu the African wild dog got a commission of his character in robot form… I saw the drawing he had and it was plan that the both his character and Darkwolfs characters were indeed robots but… To me they appeared to be a collection of shapes. As a product design student and a 9 year drafter this BOTHERED ME TO NO END (the fellow artist did do a spectacular job). Soo with Utunus permission I decided to draw the face of the character and give him a more believable design. This is the result. There is a cutaway above the closest eye and I would dare to explain the functions but I figure that people may be at loss to my descriptions

I will be taking commissions for robot conversions of organic characters this month :) if interested email me at levnartscommandcenter@gmail

Thanks for the views and notes


Commission finished a couple days ago for Kikivuli and Utunu!  This is a follow up piece for the other large illustration I did for them, "The Final Moments"   After a successful hunt and a fulfilling meal, the pair settle down around a warm fire and break out their favorite instruments for a fireside story.  Retelling the day’s exploits through each note played, the fire before them wreathing into pictoglyph representations of the action.  Their flame selves chase the gemsbok across the path of the milky way as the high spirited song plays!

This time I write the step-by-step in the caption of the images, scroll through to read.  If you’d like to see a larger version of the final image, go here!



A piece done for Utunu, as a gift for Kikivuli for Christmas.  We picked the phrase together, and I painted what my imagination dreamed up based on it. 

This piece involved a LOT of experimenting with technique and style.  I tried a lot of things that were pretty different than how I usually do my digital work, and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with how it played out.  This is one of my favourite works to date.

With and without words versions.

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Only 5 days into the new year, and I’m already in the papers! This is from page 38 of today’s punch newspaper and the thirst inducing @its_lynxxx is on the other side of the paper representing all the sexy guys as usual #utunu #DontBelieveTheHype #IHavePimplesSometimes # BeautyIsReallyfromWithin if u font believe that phrase refers to u or its not, use a very good #foundation #concealer #makeupbrush #makeupartist or #hireme #immortalglam #immortalglammakeover #sexy #croptop #model #medialife #vj #denim #no pimples #washoflife

ManU darmadağın!

Manchester United, Leicester City deplasmanında travmatik bir mağlubiyet yaşadı.

Monaco’dan kiralanan Radamel Falcao’nun ilk kez ilk 11’de başladığı Manchester United, deplasmandaLeicester City‘ye karşı 3-1 öne geçmesine rağmen sahadan 5-3 mağlup ayrıldı.

Maçın 11. dakikasında Di Maria’nın pasında kaleciyle karşı karşıya kalan Van Persie’nin şutunu Schmeichel kornere çeldi. 13. dakikada ise sol…

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Zorlu Maç Kartal'ın

Zorlu Maç Kartal’ın

Bursaspor, Spor Toto Süper Lig’in 3. haftasında sahasında Beşiktaş’ı konuk etti. Karşılaşma siyah-beyazlı takımın 1-0’lık üstünlüğü ile sona erdi.


8. dakikada Josue’nin pasıyla ceza sahasına giren Bakambu’nun sert şutunda top yandan auta gitti.

20. dakikada Josue’nin ara pasında ceza sahası içinde topla buluşan Fernandao’nun şutunu Tolga meşin yuvarlağı direğin…

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Kabustan zafere

Beşiktaş, Bursaspor deplasmanında ilk yarıda tel tel dökülmesine rağmen OLCAY’la üç puanı hanesine yazdırdı. Rakibinin baskısına boyun eğen, ilk isabetli şutunu 73’te bulabilen Kartal, 87’de hayata döndü…. Devamı için tıklayınız Kaynak: Sabah

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