Today's practice was a really good one 23/08/13

I paid so much more attention to my body. 

I activated my quadriceps in forward folds, my jumps into chatarunga in my sun salutations were smooth, and I actually tried to slow my breaths a little in Utpluthih (normally I do ten of the speediest breaths ever and just fall out).

There were some set backs in asanas where I thought I had made progress. But instead of getting upset like I normally do, I just took it in my stride because I was present in the current moment in my current expression of that asana; and not hung up on the past. 

I lay in savasana until my mind was quiet then followed up the practice with a hot drink so as not to cool the inner fire; and read my book seated on the floor until my sweat had dried before hopping in the shower.

The whole practice was dedicated to ruby the dog. Rest easy sweetheart <3

pose of the week: or ( ) Come into by folding the right foot in first then the left. Plant your hands into the floor by your hips. Press the palms into the Earth as you inhale to lift the body off the floor squeezing the to help you lift your core. Keep the shoulders down and away from the ears spreading the fingers wide. deeply for ten breaths.
by inspiritstudio via Instagram http://ift.tt/1fGhAzo