My responsibility to myself is always, ‘Am I going to be the commodity that people want me to be, or am I going to do the shit that interests me?’  I have a lot of trouble with material. I don’t like most comedies because I don’t like characters who try to win me over. I don’t like being ingratiated. I don’t like obsequiousness.
—  David Fincher

#VIXX LIVE FANTASIA in Japan [UTOPIA] と神戸の公演が全て終わりました!STARLIGHTの皆さん有難うございました。楽しかったですか? また会いましょう〜 ^^

#VIXX LIVE FANTASIA in Japan [UTOPIA] Yokohoma and Kobe concerts are now finished! Thank you very much Starlight. It was fun, right? See you again~ ^^

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@RealVIXX: [VIXX_CONCERT] 나는 로빅이다. 일본 단독 콘서트 #UTOPIA 150412 고베 2회 공연까지 무사히 마친 #빅스 요원들이다. 요코하마에 이어 고베까지 열정적인 응원을 보내준 별빛요원들 고맙습니다!

[TRANS] @RealVIXX: I am ROVIX.These are the VIXX Agents who have finished the 150412 2nd event of their Japan Solo Concert UTOPIA in Kobe.Thank you Starlight Agents who gave their support from Yokohama all the way to Kobe.


thru May 31:

Post Human Utopia
 Sarah Bereza, George Boorujy, Kate Clark,
 Peter Daverington, Valerie Hegarty, Ryan McLennan,
 Lori Nix, Jean-Pierre Roy, Ryan Scully, Doug Young

The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie St., NYC

The exhibition, which refers to Alan Weisman’s book The World Without Us, “poses a fascinating thought experiment: if you take every living human off the Earth, what traces of us would linger and what would disappear? Will the footprint of humanity ever fade away completely or have humans so irrevocably altered the environment that the impact of man will continue to shape the earth’s landscape far beyond the days of our departure?“ Curated by gallerists Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele, the show offers a deftly balanced sampling of such scenarios. Kate Clark’s animal-human hybrid sculptures gaze knowingly as they lay before Lori Nix’s photographically enlarged diorama of a shopping mall ravaged by time and nature. Valerie Hegarty’s “Autumn on the Wissahicken with Tree“ appears to age the gallery itself. Other standouts include two large works by Sarah Bereza and a cinematically apocalyptic oil by Jean-Pierre Roy.

Quisiera dibujarte
un cielo tan azul
que te haga olvidar
todos los días grises.
Un mar tan limpio
que pueda borrar
de tu cuerpo todas
las heridas del pasado.
Pero tú ya eres luz, amor,
y yo soy la oscuridad
que te proclama.
Tú ya tienes todo
lo que necesitas,
y eres lo que siempre
quisiste ser.
Llevas la cantidad
perfecta de defectos,
y toda una estela
de virtudes.
Yo sólo quiero agregar
unas pinceladas de amor
a la obra maestra que
No es mucho
lo que puedo dar,
ya he sido roto
muchas veces,
pero te daré hasta
las migajas del amor
que tengo guardado.
Es el más puro.
Ha pasado por
todas las tragedias,
y aún sigue en pie,
más fuerte que nunca,
listo para entregarte
todo lo que le queda
de un golpazo.
Acéptalo amor,
ya lleva tu nombre grabado.
—  El Amor, Esa Utopía - Marcos J. Ramírez

Haken’s dougie
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A veces te confundo con una utopía, por que cuando siento que estoy un paso más cerca de ti, en realidad es cuando mas lejos estoy, no se si te alejas tu o me alejo yo, o quizás nos aleje el destino.
—  Personas Comunes.