Celeste Liddle: The Utopia homelands was once one of the healthiest Indigenous communities. Now it’s plagued by scabies because of water shortages. And that’s just the beginning.

Australia is the “lucky country” where everyone is given a “fair go”? Not if you’re Black.


3d Marker Drawn Murals and Impressive Installations

Marker Installations by Heike Weber

Raumarbeite: utopia 2007, paintmarker on polystyrol, videoloop 465 x 465 x 270 cm, Transfer Türkiye-NRW, Museum Bochum

Germany-based artist Heike Weber needs only two tools in her work: permanent markers and endless patience. The artist decorates large spaces by tracing thousands of loopy lines on the walls, floor, and sometimes even the ceiling. Some of her installations measure around 5000 ft!

Heike starts her work by drawing the pattern on a sheet of paper, and then transfers it onto the surface. By carefully adjusting the white spaces, she gives a feeling as if the room is swirling. Aren’t you getting dizzy just looking at them?

photo: Carl-Victor Dahmen

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Hi all,

Currently, the Utopia Homelands are experiencing extreme water shortages. Utopia is an Aboriginal homeland formed in 1978 on a traditional boundary of the Alyawarra and Anmatjirra peoples. Their usual water source comes from one bore, but it’s been ten weeks since the single bore supplying the clinic and the primary school collapsed during maintenance conducted by the Barkly Regional Council. Since then, they’ve been completely reliant on Council trucks carting in water. However, water isn’t being delivered on a daily basis. Children cannot be bathed and there is no drinking water at school. Scabies and other infections are spreading fast. Read more here.

This is completely unacceptable. 

We need to be showing support for the people of the Utopia Homelands and doing whatever we can to help. 

Things you can do:

  • Post bottled water to:
    P.O Box 196
    Gungahlin ACT 2912.
    - You can also buy water online from Woolworths and Coles and enter in the postage details above instead of your home address for efficiency. Please buy in bulk! *All deliveries of water to the Utopia Homelands will be covered through corporate sponsorship.*
  • Donate to the Water For Utopia fundraiser here.
  • Contact the Barkly Regional Council. Contact details here. Demand that they act immediately.
  • Use the hashtag #Water4Utopia on social media, and “like” Water For Utopia on Facebook to receive updates on this crisis as they come to hand.
  • And in general, spread the word!

This crisis is unlikely to receive any attention in the mainstream media. In order to create awareness and work towards effective solutions, we must employ social media services and other forms of information delivery to convey the urgency of the situation as it currently stands. No more can there be silence on Indigenous issues.

Thank-you and please help in any way you can!