Okay, so. I’ve been extra suicidal lately and very very lonely, and I’ve been really regretting not trying to do more about something that happened a while ago.

 About a year or two, my cat- Mr. Dude, my handsome boy(look how polite and gentle he is http://azikeos.tumblr.com/post/28877109395- developed some problem with his urinary tract that caused him to start peeing outside of the box, and yowling when he ‘went’. I have a habit of ignoring problems(between being autistic, chronic depression, and my other issues I get really easily overwhelmed and consequently shut down) so, while I was really concerned about him and did want to help him, I kind of just pretended there wasn’t really a problem.

 My stepfather, however, is a cat-hater and has always kind of barely tolerated me and my mom having cats. Mom took him to the vet a couple times and we spent several days trying to get a sample of Mr. Dude’s pee, he was diagnosed with… something? and was medicated for it, but it didn’t seem to help at all. Mom and I failing to find him another home, my stepdad took Mr. Dude out to the warehouseplace he works at and let him loose.

Ever since then I’ve kind of been trying to forget that it ever happened, because I still cry whenever I think about Oreo II(another of my cats) escaping, and Mr. Dude meant the world for me- he was my baby boy; he cuddled with me, he mewed with me, he sat politely with the dogs and I snuck him tablescraps, he slept with me in my bed and he cuddled with me on the couch. He was my second best friend- coming only behind my boyfriend and tying with my mom’s cat(Cleo). He was my precious baby and he was my world and Whenever I put too much thought into him being gone it feels like someone’s plunged a knife into my chest.
I’m pretty sure that, at the time, I was either not yet on disability income or was but didn’t have nearly the amount I would’ve needed to help Mr. Dude more. Now, over a year later, I’ve got some more money and have been a little more capable of thinking about Mr. Dude without completely breaking down. I /miss/ him, more than I’ve ever missed anything, and I want him back. But I still don’t have much money, and I’m gonna probably need to get him flea meds and tick meds and de-wormer(s) and extra food. I may need to get him to a groomers so he can be washed and/or shaved. And I might need to get him other things(treats and toys! I need to pamper my boy), ON TOP OF getting him to the vet so his urinary tract problem can be addressed.

I’m setting a goal of about $1,000 for his vet visit(s) and meds, with another $200 or so for the de-parasiters and stuff. Like I said, I have SOME money but not a lot, so I’m asking for donations. I don’t expect a lot, but Mr. Dude is my darling and I want him back. Any money I get will be going towards him, and if I don’t get enough or can’t get him back the money will be set aside incase Cleo(my mom and my’s cat) or future pets need to see the vet. I’ll be eternally grateful for any money you guys are kind enough to give me.

If you send me any money at all I’ll write down your name or URL in a notebook, which I’ll keep with me forever. I’ll also make a post with your URL, thanking you for your support.

If you send over $4, [in the US, maybe international] I’ll send you a Thank You card and probably a doodle or two.
Over $10 and I’ll draw your feral(preferably canine) character, probably traditional but maybe digital.(I’ll probably do official characters too) OR three doodle-bookmarks(doodle-bookmarks will look a little something like this, but cut up into smaller strips https://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbhowgDdb11risltuo1_500.jpg on one of several different colors of cardstock)
 $15 gets you TWO drawn characters (maybe mailed in US, possibly international??)
$20 and I’ll mail (probably only in the US) you three [total] drawings or a feral character or three AND a couple doodle-bookmarks if you want them. Otherwise I’ll do four total drawings(traditional or digital) and post them
$50 and I’ll do a custom foam fursuit head for you!! ( http://azikeos.tumblr.com/post/85251243586 ) Yes it’s cheaper to commission me but for a $50 I’ll throw in 2 or 3 of the extras that I charge for(I’ll need you to pay shipping too; my goal is to get money, remember?) OR if you really wanted I could fill you up a sketchbook but it would probably mostly be my animals or maybe still-lifes??? Some of your characters(probably ferals but maybe 1 or 2 peoples/anthros/etc) too

Of course you could just give me the money without any rewards aha that works too but y e a h

I really miss my baby and I want to get him back :C

GOAL: $340/$1200

My stepdad took Mr. Dude out to his work well before April 2013 but he recently(the day I’m posting this, actually) saw Mr. Dude and says he seemed well enough and apparently ‘chubby’(which I hope means he’s a good mouser and not wormy), and I really want to see about rescuing him as soon as I can.

My art tag is http://azikeos.tumblr.com/tagged/adicanart ! ! ! It’s mostly writing but y e ah, there’s some of my traditional stuff on there

TL;DR: I really miss my cat- my best friend- but he has some sort of UTI and needs to be rescued from a field and brought to a vet for treatment. I’m broke and disabled and donations/commissions would be a blessing and I would kiss you forever if you helped me out.

Send paypal donations to: navywifeked@yahoo.com and please limme know on here! If you want something in return for your donation, please email ME at zelestias@yahoo.com! Please include your URL in the message with the donation


Anon submits:

Hey misandry-mermaid! If this could be kept anon, that would be super great!

I saw your post a little while ago about how people need to pee after PIV intercourse, to prevent UTIs, and I thought I’d share a bit about UTI treatment.

I had 3 UTIs in 2 months earlier this year after going years without one and it really messed me up because I was busy and under a lot of stress and after the second one, I didn’t have the time or energy to go to a clinic etc, especially since they were often an hour away and had an hour wait time. 

I ended up researching and buying something called d-mannose. It’s a type of sugar that the e. coli bacteria (which causes most UTIs) attaches to, and when you pee, the sugar and bacteria will be flushed out of your body. 

I dissolved a spoonful or two in a glass of water and would chug it several times daily, and my UTI was gone within 2 days. 

This is anecdotal ofc but I’ve read online that it’s worked for a lot of people, and it’s super great because a bottle of the stuff only cost me $20 and is available without prescription (you can buy it on Amazon too), whereas antibiotics to treat a UTI costs around $200, and that’s not including the cost of a clinic visit. And ofc, not everyone is lucky enough to have healthcare or access to a clinic, the time to visit one, etc. 

Hope this helps some of your followers! 

Thanks so much!

Chronic UTI story

I used to get a UTI every single time my ex and I would have sex, and no amount of peeing right after sex, hygiene, or water intake changed anything. I had never had penis in vagina sex before, and so had never dealt with this before. I was completely stressed out from the constant infection, and my bladder became sore and painful from the constant infection, and I became resistant to the normal antibiotics, so they had to prescribe stronger ones, and when those stopped working, they had to prescribe even STRONGER ones. I tried everything, water, cranberry juice, cranberry capsules, but nothing worked, until I tried D Mannose. I must have read several hundred testimonials, and they all said the same thing: this works. I still thought it was ridiculous (I tend not to trust internet testimonials, even though they were also on amazon), but at my wits end I ordered some. I wasn’t sure how much to take at first, so I was taking A LOT, but magically I stopped getting UTIs. I thought it was kinda silly, that this weird powdered sugar stuff was preventing infections, so I stopped taking it, and two days later I started to feel the tingle that means I’m getting a UTI. It developed, and I had to go to the doctor to get antibiotics, but I started taking the powder again as soon  as I felt it, and continued taking it while taking the antibiotics, and the infection went away more quickly than it ever had before.

I didn’t test the theory again, and I didn’t have a single more UTI. My bladder soreness also went away, and I couldn’t be more physically comfortable. I STRONGLY suggest trying this stuff, because it gave me my sex life back.

I buy the D Mannose powder online from a brand called Now Foods on Amazon. It’s $17 bucks for a bottle, and a bottle lasts me a month. I would stir one spoonful into a glass of water and drink that right after sex or the next morning, and have that one or two more times throughout the day, then one or two the next day just to be safe. I haven’t had a UTI in months, and this is coming from the person who has had over eight in the last year.

I really hope this helps someone, and I wish I had learned about it sooner so I didn’t have to take all those antibiotics, and so I could have stopped blaming myself for getting the infections. Some of us are just more prone to them than others.


Whether you’ve had a UTI yourself (in which case, we feel you, girl…not fun) or you’re one of the lucky few who have only heard the horror stories, knowing how to handle a urinary tract infection can be the difference between a couple days of discomfort and a major medical emergency.

Read on to get all the need-to-know UTI deets, and find out why you should never (ever!) ignore the symptoms »

UTI Relief

So I have just gotten off of three rounds of different antibiotics for over a month trying to get rid of a most terrible UTI (I used to suffer with them constantly but now only go to the doctor for very serious cases like this) and figured I would make a holistic master post on how to cope and alieve pain for my future reference and for any other woman that is sensitive to them. 

This is what works in my experience:

  • The number one preventative and uti reliever that you can find at a healthstore is NOT cranberry powder. This can sometimes irritate the lining of the Urinary Tract. Instead try: D-Mannos Powder, a sugar that cleanses foreign particles from the tract, and Female oriented Probiotics which will boost the “good” warrior bacteria trying to fight off the infection even if you are using antibiotics. 
  • When in the throes of a UTI, mediation is a blessing. If you can visualize the pain as purely bodily sensations and breathe into that area; while you wait for a doctors appointment or pain reliever to kick in, you will be much more comfortable. 
  • As far as medication goes storebought AZO that includes the pain-reliever Phenazopyridine works to completely numb that area but will turn your pee bright orange. As much as medication companies would like to kid themselves, Antihistamines do little to nothing to relieve this type of pain.
  • A bit of bud can help this area just as it helps alive menstrual pains if you partake.
  • No Undies! Loose Pants! Always change clothes immediately after working out! These will keep that area well ventilated.
  • Heating pads or a heated blanket are wonderful.
  • White or Orange Calcite, Rose Quartz, even Moonstone or Hematite will help when placed on the area. I’m sure there are many other crystals you can use but these are my favorites.
  • Massage the lower abdomen gently
  • Do not drink Alcohol or Coffee, and herbal tea is best if you must have it.
  • Hair around the Vulva can help to prevent bacteria from entering, although this is not everyone’s preference, it is something to consider.
  • Breathe.
  • Eat good fiberous foods.
  • You will be alright. You are strong and still beautiful no matter how much pain you are in! 

Not gonna lie, reading through the uti tag is making me feel better. Both in terms of not being the only one suffering and also not being the only one weird enough to blog about it

What I got symptoms of a UTI again… FML… I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I’m much more prone to it because I still have kidney problems. Life sucks. Anyhow for all you lovely ladies that suffer with a UTI, I have found 4 proven methods to relieve the tracks of a UTI. 



Just a little tip to all you ladies who engage in Intercourse,  always pee after it.  For those of you who get it when they aren’t even sexually active PLS replace your tampons at least an hour before the recommended time.