Thermostats are all around my dash today, but I haven’t seen mentions of the different kinds of thermostats and how they are best used. So I’ll get into that a bit now.

Dimming Proportional Thermostats: these thermostats will dim when the temperature gets too high. They’re best used with incandescent heat sources (like heat lamps) and ceramic heat emitters. They won’t work in lamps that have a ballast, like mercury vapor or fluorescent bulbs. They can also be used with under-the-tank heaters, heat tape, and heat cables.

Pulse Proportional Thermostats: These are the most accurate thermostats and are ideal for species with really sensitive heat requirements. They supply heat constantly. They control heat in small pulses; the longer the pulse, the more heat. These should not be used with lights of any kind, and are best suited for UTHs, heat tape, ceramic heat emitters, and heat cables.

On/Off Thermostats: These are the least accurate and the cheapest. They simply turn the heat element off when it gets too warm. For species who aren’t too sensitive to temperature, these are fine. Again, they’re not suited for lamps of any kind and are best for UTH’s and ceramic heat emitters.

Rheostats vs Thermostats vs Timers

I see this come up a lot. Which is better to use to help regulate and maintain the proper temperature within a cage? Which should you purchase to go along with your lamp or UTH?

Once you know the difference between these three things and what each one does, the answer is shockingly simple.


Why thermostats and not rheostats and timers? Well, let’s break it down.

Unlike thermostats, neither rheostats nor timers do anything to monitor the actual temperature within an animals enclosure.

Timers, as the name implies, do little other than flip switches at the time you set them to. These are really useful if you’re trying to maintain a 12 hour day/night cycle, but that’s about it. They don’t measure temperature, which won’t help you make sure your temps are where they should be!

As for rheostats, what they do is maintain a certain electrical current. If you want your lamp to be more dim (less hot), you can hook it up to one of these babies and turn down the wattage that the lamp gets.

I want to take a minute to explain why you shouldn’t get a rheostat to help maintain proper temperatures, as I constantly see people recommending rheostats, much to my chagrin. It’s because rheostats don’t monitor temperatures at all! And what use is that?!

So let’s say you’re setting everything up, and you’re trying to get the cage to the right temperature. So you get your handy-dandy temperature gun/probe and you measure the temp. Only you find out that it’s far too hot! So you turn down the rheostat, which turns down the temperature of the UTH where you need it to be. Great!

Except for, what happens if the house/your room gets hotter or cooler depending on the season? A rheostat don’t give a damn! It’s gonna keep going at the current you set it to, lest that means your reptile baby burns or freezes! You’d have to be fiddling with it constantly to make sure things were at the right temp!.

A thermometer, however, runs the same way it does in your house. There’s a probe in the cage that measures the temperature, and you can set it to whatever temperature you need it to be!

And the best part is that thermostats are more or less self-regulating. If things start to cool down, it’ll flip your lamp back on to warm things up! If things get too hot, it’ll flip your UTH off to cool things down. See what I mean by it being similar to the one in your house?

I do say more or less, however, because regardless of your mechanism, you should always do regular checks to make sure everything is functioning properly.

And this has been a casual and brief PSA!


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oh man i still can’t get over how frickin sweet frank is like as soon as it was my turn to meet him he just looked straight at me and his voice was literally so soft and gentle, and he just kept signing everything i asked him to without a problem. i felt bad asking him to draw boozey for me because i thought he’d say no, but he just nodded and took his time drawing him and it was just so?? and then when i asked him to write my quote, I was even more nervous by then so my voice was kind of quiet but he didn’t snap at me to repeat myself or get frustrated, he just really nicely asked if i could repeat what i’d said while cupping his ear and it was so frickin???? also when i handed him my things, he didn’t snatch or jerk them out of my hands, it was like his movements were as gentle as his smile and voice and i just have so much love and respect for him

So Solas’s greatest fear is dying alone and with the path he’s set on and his personality he’s headed straight to his own death. So what if that was it? If Lavellan wants to be with Solas despite everything she takes his hand and dies with him.

Happiness for Lavellan and Solas?

So according to elven legend Ghilan’nain was originally a mortal, favorite of the goddess Andruil. When Ghilan’nain became trapped she prayed to Andruil who turned her into the first of the Halla, making her the youngest elven god…

If even a bit of this is true, there’s hope for a happy life for Lavellan and Fen’Harel/Solas yet!