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Once I Was An Eagle is perhaps the quietest tour-de-force you’ll hear in a long time, but it is enchanting for that. For an artist who’s barely 23, it’s fascinating to see Marling’s profile and the level of maturity in her writing. Then again, there is an argument to be made that the modern world has made old souls of us all, zealous and wearied seekers of gratification who end up courting disillusionment at the fact that there’s anything still to come past 25. Marling’s album is a testament to all that but also an ode to new ways of thinking for what’s still to come.

The kids from yesterday. It seems equally applicable to both the band and the fans. Many of the fans are still young (and the type of blind, steadfast devotion that goes with youth seems to account for more of the unjustified hatred levelled at the band than anything they actually recorded), but many more of us are a little more grown-up. Not entirely, but far removed from the rooms and lives we inhabited at the time the band came along. We’ve finished school, graduated college, taken our first tentative steps into the scary world beyond. I’ve escaped that dreary town and the cold grey mornings in that dismal office. I’ve been writing about music since college, a direct result of the passion My Chem stirred in me.

The band themselves are husbands and fathers now. They’re successful and accomplished musicians, not the frustrated, struggling youths of 2001/2. It seems fair that they might deem the beautiful, emotional, towering adventure that was My Chemical Romance to have run its course. “Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying.” For those of us now making our way in the adult world, we’ve learned or are learning to make it on our own. Whenever we need reassurance, the music is there, but the band gave many of us the comfort and confidence we needed to strike out alone.


"The Kids From Yesterday - An Adieu to My Chemical Romance."

My very personal so long and goodnight to my band of the ages. <3

Director Bong is a powerful and uncompromising filmmaker, but his picture is also rich in subtlety. He infuses Snowpiercer with symbolism and iconography that bring a vivid, colourful life to this starkly oppressive world. Much of the political pageantry – particularly that embodied by Tilda Swinton‘s Mason – is so exaggerated as to be almost farcical, not unlike some of the wilder stories we hear coming out of dictatorships (not least, given the director’s nationality, North Korea). The class war has obvious real-world parallels but there’s so much more to the film’s use of allegory than that – there are meditations on society as well as the class divide, religion as well as delusion, necessity and political decision-making. The moralistic undertones are far from the black-and-white sensibilities you may perceive at the outset, and as the insurrection plunges forward you may find yourself, in tandem with the characters, beginning to question some of the realities and justifications presented.