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What are done good pens that are good for writing? Like smoothness and stuff like that.

I like Ink Joy pens. The colorful ones are fun to write with and are recommended for their smoothness. 

Currently, I am writing with Staedtler fine tip colored pens and I also highly recommend getting yourself a black Uni Ball Signo 207. 


Anything you write with is good as long as you’re writing and getting the words down on paper. But, I understand the need for precise handwriting. 

The struggle is real. 

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What does it mean when someone says "I don't have enough spoons for X"

To be brief, spoons (literally the utensil) are used as a measure of energy you can physically see & hold. This helps to explain how people who have disabilities or illnesses are often limited in the amount of energy they can afford to use, whereas people without disabilities/illnesses have unlimited energy & unlimited possibilities.

This is a part of Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory & she explains it in depth, so I highly recommend following the link!

Christian College

So being a Pagan at a Christian college means several things.
1 when they do prayers or worship I usually change the words up just a little to fit my Gods. Instead of strung up in the cross it’s Loki strapped to a rock. When everyone’s singing no one can even tell.
2 all my witchy/pagan books must be digital. They cannot know I’m not one of them so if it’s not digital I have to go off campus to read it or wait till my roommates leave.
3 No rituals, spells, or anything with lots of witchy looking tools or utensils. Gotta go back to the basics and work with unseen forces. Meditation isn’t suspicious but chalices full of blood or altars can be.
4 Cutting down on some of the weirder more noticeable Pagan jewelry. People notice my Loki bottle a lot. I have to tuck it inside my shirt if I don’t want to lie about what it is.
5 The hardest part is not defending other pagans when Christians are bat shit crazy. My roommate was going off about Wiccans and I just couldn’t stay silent. Nobody be talking crap about my fellow pagans when I’m around. Now they are suspicious though. Oh well.

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hey dustin what have you already got planned for your dream cafe? name? silverware?


Dustin: Justin and I sell silverware. So I don’t have a shortage of utensils ever. The name of my cafe is “The Spoon Cafe”. And I plan for it to be a Cafe like no other… to have a heartwarming feeling, and food that will just make you come back every hour of the day… I also have been experimenting with new ideas for food that I want to be sold. Of course… once I get a circle of chefs together, I would like to make a menu that WE ALL would enjoy. But they have to respect me as the HEAD CHEF and not mess up all the time.


This remarkable creation is the work of Croatian metal artist Ivan Mavrović. What looks like an elaborate Steampunk pistol and is identified as a pen is SO much more than just a pen, we’re not sure where to start describing it. It’s the Metapen.

The Metapen started out as a pen, and a pretty handsome one at that, but while he was working on the pen, Ivan realized he could attach other objects to it and thus the astonishing design grew into an elaborate multitool. Made of brass, copper, steel, wood, and leather, the Metapen is also a fork, knife, spoon, lighter, usb stick, watch, light, screwdriver, pipe, toothbrush, shaving razor, nail clippers, and more.

Visit Ivan Mavrović’s website to view more photos of the amazing Metapen.

[via Underground Bastard]