TRUE OR FALSE? You don’t really know how to hold chopsticks properly, but use them every time you eat a spicy tuna roll because you want to impress your friends it feels right.

Got a fun hack that gives chopsticks something else to do other than shovel takeout into your mouth? Join the Hack My Life Tumblr Challenge and make an ordinary utensil extraordinary.

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I am not a speaker nor a preacher. I have no mission to change the world. I have no original words or teaching to give anyone. I reflect only what I’ve seen and heard - most ordinary, very common. I have no fascination for fresh ideas and activity. All enthusiasm for worldly endeavours and strivings have all but gone. For me, thoughts, words and deeds- the activities of life, are merely the utensils for serving out the ‘prasad’ of the Being-ness.
—  Mooji

current mood: very frustrated sourdough bread-roll with a little chunk missing from the side

the zodiac signs as common kitchen utensils
  • aries:
  • taurus:easy bake oven
  • gemini:salad tongs
  • cancer:
  • leo:
  • virgo:wooden spoons
  • libra:
  • scorpio:internal meat thermometer
  • sagittarius:horse
  • capricorn:
  • aquarius:
  • pisces:french press

Friday, I’m in Love | The Wonderful World of Miniatures by Nunu’s House, Part 2.

I think I raved enough this morning about the wonders of Nunu’s House miniatures, so I think I’ll let these inviting pictures of a miniature cafe, kitchen, dressing room and garden speak for themselves this time around. Just FYI, each miniature piece is carefully handmade in 1:12 scale. 

All images from Nunu’s House websiteblog and Facebook, as well as from Blah Know. In case you missed it, read Part 1 and see amazing images of Nunu’s House detailed food miniatures here. More Friday, I’m in Love posts here.

Happy weekend, y’all!

i’m always kinda glad when my pen runs out of ink bc it’s like “alright little buddy, you’ve fulfilled your purpose. you’ve brought honor to your fellow utensils and hope to pens alike.”


This remarkable creation is the work of Croatian metal artist Ivan Mavrović. What looks like an elaborate Steampunk pistol and is identified as a pen is SO much more than just a pen, we’re not sure where to start describing it. It’s the Metapen.

The Metapen started out as a pen, and a pretty handsome one at that, but while he was working on the pen, Ivan realized he could attach other objects to it and thus the astonishing design grew into an elaborate multitool. Made of brass, copper, steel, wood, and leather, the Metapen is also a fork, knife, spoon, lighter, usb stick, watch, light, screwdriver, pipe, toothbrush, shaving razor, nail clippers, and more.

Visit Ivan Mavrović’s website to view more photos of the amazing Metapen.

[via Underground Bastard]