In Bloom’s physical edition is printed now, you might have seen it if you were at RVAcon and saw Aki’s merch table!

This is how it looks in it’s non-assembled form. I did all the graphic design myself (with Aki looking over my shoulder).  I even found a UPC code generator and put it on! It looks really good!

I can’t wait to get all this stuff and package everything ;w;


Hi everyone! Those of you who know me or follow me on my twitter know I’ve been talking a lot about an upcoming UTAU album known as TRICHROMATIK! I want to spread the love because this album is going to be amazing!

To begin, TRICHROMATIK is a collaboration between various musicians and artists who work in the program UTAU. Collectively, they are known as まずらぼ /MUZZLE-LAB. Their debut album is made up of VERY high quality original songs featuring 3 loveable UTAU singers: The adorable blue Kemonone Row , the dashingly handsome green Giga Lacan, and hot-blooded red Akagami Hero! 

The album also comes with 11 high quality kemono art images drawn by a variety of highly talented and skilled artists such as KENN, 駿牙, 士八 and others who are listed on Muzzle-Lab’s official website

If you want to listen to a preview of their stunning vocals and catchy music, you can find their demo by clicking HERE !

Here’s an FAQ for you guys!

Q: Who is Muzzle-Lab?

A: Muzzle-Lab is a collaboration between artists and musicians. You can find their twitter account @muzzlelab ! You can find an extended list of the artists and crew on their official website at !  Remember to check out their demo by clicking HERE !

Q: So wait, what exactly IS UTAU and what does it have to do with TRICHROMATIK and the characters in that album? 

A: UTAU is a freeware open source software similar to VOCALOID, except it’s free and people can make their very own singing character vocals! By recording one’s self speaking the basic pieces of a given language, you too can have a voice bank that others can use to sing! Isn’t that cool? The characters (known as UTAU or UTAUloids in the fandom) in TRICHROMATIK’s album were voiced and designed by @ yumakemononerou , @ tatsu3 and @ Argo54 

Q: Wow, that sounds amazing! Where can I purchase their album? 

A: Their album is up for preorder and will debut on October 18th 2014. You can reserve it at Alice Books !  Overseas shipping to the United States is available! The price is about $13 USD + shipping which is a very good deal for the awesome music you’ll be getting with it! 

I really love the previews for their album so far and I hope everyone does too. If you can, I’d like if everyone could reblog this post and spread the word! I feel that these guy are going to be big and it can happen with YOUR HELP! 

Once again, check out their twitter, website, and Alice-Books listing!

Itako and Kiritan Tohoku need your help to sing!


Itako, pictured above, along with her sister need your help to sing! If you don’t know who they are, I’ll give you a quick run down. Itako & Kiritan are VOCALOID Tohoku Zunko’s sisters. Itako is the older one and Kiritan is the younger one. Zunko was a VOCALOID recently released this year, her character was made to help the Touhoku region in 2011 after their devastating earthquake. How did she help? Businesses in Touhoku could use her character free of charge to promote their products and other things. Now, Zunko wants you to help her sisters sing too. How? You need to crowdfund them like how Zunko was. Here’s the link!

Their goal is 2 million yen, roughly around $20,000 USD. Right now, they’re at 24% so please support them, there’s only 28 days left! GreenFunding, in essence, is like Kickstarter. You get goodies the more you donate, you can check them out on the side.

What’s more is Itako and Kiritan will be able FREE once their voicebanks are completed. How are they doing this? The voicebanks will run on UTAU so distribution among everyone is free of charge (unlike Zunko). Some of the money will also be going to making MMD models for them, which will also be available free of charge!

Please try to donate if you can, if you can’t sharing this post and getting the word out is strongly appreciated, thank you!



My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley I 【Overseas UTAU Users】 

It’s finally done -v-