• DA☆KAI
  • Haduki You (C.V. Kakihara Tetsuya) Nagatsuki Yoru (C.V. Kondo Takashi)

Full version of DA☆KAI!!!

My love for You and Yoru has multiplied exponentially. You and Yoru are just the coolest and cutest devil and angel ever!~~!!!!!

koufuku anshin iinkai light novel character intros

I bought the ebook version of the Kochira, Koufuku anshin iinkai desu light novel a while ago so I thought I’d translate the character intros first of all! (I hope no one’s done this before lol orz) I might try my hand at translating the rest of the novel if no one else is/if I have the time to wwww

※If you notice anything wrong in my translations, feel free to drop an ask and correct me! ( ´ v ` )

actual post under the cut!! (with images)

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"Hop! Step! Instant Death! A Happiness Dance Death-Trap"

The newest production by UtataP, wogura, torihitsuji, and mitsunari in preparation for the release of the second volume of the “This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee” novel series. (“This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee: The Queen and the Eternally Happy Criminals Condemned to Death” )

NND Upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm21430267
YT Official Upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO7sAWMIoKI
Karaoke: http://commons.nicovideo.jp/material/nc75439

Credits: [Illustration]wogura mylist/21652275 twitter:@wogura
[Lyric]鳥居羊 mylist/34905144 twitter:@tory_hitsuji
[Music/Movie]うたたP  mylist/3321393 twitter:@tKomine
[Special Thanks]mitsunari


Tsukiuta Duet series “DA☆KAI”

Haduki You: CV.Kakihara Tetsuya

Nagatsuki Yoru: CV.Kondou Takashi

Composer: UtataP

source: (nicovideo)

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"It’s a perfect world when everyone is happy!

Song: Hop! Step! Instant Death! A Happiness Dance-Death Trap
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Composer: Utata-P
Series: This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Commitee
Translation: UKWildcat387/DescentSubs

i really love the HAPOMC series, so i thought of sharing one of my favorites!

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UtataP ft. MAYU - “I Fall…And Stay Down” 七転び八起きない (English Subtitles)

"The fact that I have no motivation to do anything is something that I will continue to state with the utmost motivation!"

It’s been awhile but finally we have another track by the amazing trio of UtataP, wogura, and torihitsuji. Is this the beginning of a new story or just a classic song about laziness, time will tell, but you gotta admit that it’s fun to listen to. I’ve never seen such a pumped up, fast-paced song about how lazy one is, and therein lies the joke here I believe. This song is going to be part of a very promising-looking new Vocaloid compilation album, “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalofanatic feat. GUMI、IA、MAYU” (tracklist, info http://vocalofanatic.com/) which you can already order on Amazon, so check it out! (http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00GJHXALE/)

-One word MAYU says a lot in the song is “ikan”. While perhaps some translators would choose to translate it the same every time (it means something like “unfortunate, regrettable, ect”) I felt like added a little variety to the mix with the sentence structure and stuff instead.
-The title of the song is based on a Japanese motivational saying, “Nana korobi ya oki” meaning “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. Our fabulous production crew tweaked it by adding “nai” to basically imply that Mayu does quite the opposite, and hopefully my title reflects this.
-There are a few word play jokes too, like how the lyrics sometimes use other “ikan” works, like 行かん (don’t go) and two “Suii”s back to back, the first meaning “transition”, the second being a made-up word where the first kanji was replaced by the kanji for “sleep”.

Original Upload NND: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23092092
Original Upload YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTLM7d74w_A

■Karaoke: nc86564

[Movie]やまかずP (YamakazuP) twitter:@YamakazP
[Illustration]wogura mylist/21652275 twitter:@wogura
[Lyric]鳥居羊 (Tori hitsuji) mylist/34905144 twitter:@tory_hitsuji
[Music]うたたP (UtataP) mylist/3321393 twitter:@tKomine

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"Not a Dream, Not a Lie, A Happy Scene Before My Eyes" UtataP and wogura released another funny and slightly scary song, this time featuring a kitty channeling the spirit of Oda Nobunaga!

Don’t forget that UtataP’s album “Minna shiawase ni nare!” ( みんな幸せにな~れ) will be coming out next month! You can order it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00B18SUE8 and CDJapan:http://www.cdjapan.co.jp!!/detailview.html?KEY=QWCE-272