Otome Popular Character Rankings from B’s Log December

(If this thing is flipped it’s tumblr’s fault again)

I’ve thought no one was interested to know this so I never posted but I saw some interested from asks on a friend’s tumblr.

I’m on subscription for B’s Log from September 2013 onward so if anyone wants I can keep posting these :3 EDIT: okay………WHAT’S GOING ON WHY ARE THERE SO MANY NOTES. SORRY I’LL TAKE A BETTER PIC NEXT TIME. Scans now available

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Pre-order Tokuten!
Kiss me cards! Comes in a set of 11 when you pre-order the game!
The front shows his expression before a kiss and the back shows the kissing expression!  (❤ฺ→艸←)