He [Anderson Cooper] recalled talking to the mother of a girl killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. The mother told him she was in the shower the next day and saw her daughter’s hand print in the fog on the the window. ‘There are times I feel like my heart is too full with the people that I met,’ he said.
Thieves piss me off.

Someone stole the laptop that belongs to the guy who was sitting near my desk at the library; he left for about five minutes to go to the bathroom or something. I feel so bad for him and I wish he would’ve asked me to watch his things for him; I had no idea he left and was too absorbed in reading to notice movement in his general area. It’s not his fault this happened. Fucking thieves. So inconsiderate. :( I’d rather someone steal cash than my laptop, since it contains EVERYTHING: my classes, my clubs, my pictures, my music. The poor guy :((( He was devastated; he probably had all of his work on his computer. Earlier I was annoyed because he kept coughing but now I feel horrible for not being more alert. I wish I could have prevented the theft. What a SCUMBAG. Maybe their financial situation was desperate, I don’t know, but I would rather beg everyone I know for money before stealing. It really comes down to the size of the person’s ego. 


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