Yong mga taong mahihilig maghanap nang away, wala ka bang magawa sa buhay? Kailangan talaga bawat kilos ko hanapan mo at ng mga kasama mo ng flaws? Ate, sad ka lang, I know. Baka kailangan mo ng bumili ng Happy Meal. Or kung hindi mo afford, magmasteral ka ng elementary nang magimprove naman yang grammar mo. O diba? Nakapag Happy Meal kana, natuto ka pa. Ahem. Wag bitter, kilala nyo sarili nyo. Isang buong pamilya ng mga pekeng ustadha-konohay. Islamia here and there, pero grabe mambackite nang di nila kakilala. #MakeSabarPrecious

Al Buruj Press presents

Love: The Heart of Marriage with USTADHA YASMIN MOGAHED (USA)

Married, looking to get married or just concerned about the topic, this seminar is for you!

Exclusive NEW Seminar taught by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed for the 1st Time EVER, One of the Most Influential Muslim Women in the World!

We’ve all read this verse on countless marriage announcements. But how many have actualized it? How many of our marriages really embody that love and mercy described by Allah? What is going wrong when so many of our marriages are ending in divorce? What is LOVE and why is it so successful for a happy marriage?

We have the wonderful privilege of inviting our beloved sister, teacher and companion Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA) in December 2014, which will be her 1ST TIME EVER covering this topic in BIRMINGHAM. Alhamdulillah this is a great opportunity for the sisters in Yorkshire and before tickets are sold out, BOOK NOW!

Special Guest of Honour:

Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA)

SPECIAL Addition: Interview with Yasmin Mogahed (USA): My Journey in Life So Far with a dedicated Q&A

Exclusive Book Signing and NEW CD Launch of Yasmin Mogahed (Purchase YOUR copies on the day)

Price: £20 (£25 after the 25th Oct 2014)

*Strictly no children under 7, over 7 full price applies*

Date: Friday 14th November 2014

Time: 18:30-21:30pm (Doors open from 5:30pm for registration)

Venue: Royale Suite, 271 Birchfield Road, Birmingham, B20 3DD

For more and to enrol, please visit: